2017 Program Dates*

Registration & More Dates Coming Soon! 

Leon, Spain

31 March-2 April Level 1

Jakarta, Indonesia

25 & 26 March Level 1 Prep Program

Cleveland, USA

7-9 April Level 1 

Jakarta, Indonesia

8 & 9 April Level 1

Grand Canary Island, Spain

14-16 April Level 1

London, UK

7-9 July Level 2

Jakarta, Indonesia

29-30 July Level 1

Jakarta, Indonesia

28-30 July Level 2

Madrid, Spain

11-15 August  Level 2

Madrid, Spain

11-13 August Level 3

Madrid Spain

13 August  Snowskates

London, UK

8-10 September Level 1

Burgos, Spain

8-10 September Level 2

Cartagena, Spain

27-29 October Level 1

São Paulo, Brazil

1-3 December Level 1

Brisbane Australia

Date to Be Announced Level 1

Nanjing, China

Date to Be Announced Level 1

Program Requirements:Contact us and consider hosting a certification program!  Don't see your country listed?   

  • Full Protective Gear (Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards) and Heel Brake are compulsory and must be worn throughout program. 
  • ICP Prep Course requirements:  All skaters welcome!
  • Level 1 Requirements:  Recommended 1 year skating experience.
  • Level 2 Requirements;  Minimum 6 months as Level 1 Certified Instructor & Current with Annual Registration & Continuing Education Requirements.

*All program dates are subject to change or cancelation due to low enrollment.  Please contact the ICP office prior to making travel arrangements to ensure that the program will be conducted as originally scheduled.

**All interestedin attending the Level 1 Prep Program in Jakarta, Indonesia should contact Indonesia Country Representative Tom Sugiarto sales@duniainlineskate.com to register .

Beginning Inline Skating is open to all fitness professionals as well as individuals who would like to improve their basic skating skills and understanding of the sport.  ACE Certified Instructors will receive .9 continuing education credits.

***对于程序注册为中国绍兴请联系陈远桂电话:8613723435036 QQ:170776520邮箱:hot515634@163.com  For program registration for China please contact Chen Yuan Gui Phone:  +8613723435036  QQ:170776520  Email:  hot515634@163.com



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