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The Inline Certification Program is devoted to the development of professional inline skating instructors so skaters around the world can receive safe, effective, top quality skating instruction. Since 1991,  the ICP has provided a consistent educational framework using proven skill building methods.

With the increase in of our international instructor base, and the cultural diversity of participants it had become very obvious that there was a need for more regional distribution of programming. The idea of the ICP as an umbrella program-and going forward interchangeably referred to as ICP International, has encouraged the development of new  programming in the Asia-Pacific region, throughout Europe and most recently South America.  This expansion has facilitated the growth and cooperation of new and current certifying bodies and instructors around the world. These efforts to bring together existing associations and professionals encourages the exchange of skating information and instructional techniques between countries which can benefit the world-wide growth and popularity of the sport.

ICP International, located in Cleveland, OH  USA,  is the global head-office of ICP certified instructors worldwide, operating through a network of international examiners.  ICP International works with sports authorities at both international and national levels to recognize ICP as a standard for inline education. Besides conducting regular certification and instructor improvement/development programs through its network of highly trained examiners, ICP International also serves as a central information and resource support base for instructors. ICP International offer services like an online instructor locator, use of ICP registered mark, apparel, program materials, a progressive knowledge base, and liability insurance coverage in select countries. ICP International promotes the ICP standard by licensing suitable individuals or organizations to administer the program in their respective countries.

More About The Inline Certification Program (ICP)

ICP is a program which trains and certifies inline skaters to be instructors. The program provides a methodology for teaching inline skating to skaters of all levels through a structured and progressive lesson plan, and with a sound understanding of the technical skills involved. Besides being an education standard, it also provides continual development for certified instructors, opening many opportunities for a career in inline skating.

The goals of ICP International are as follows

  • To promote, represent and administer the ICP program to the international community creating a network of individual inline skating instructors and skate schools world-wide.
  • To work with and seek recognition and endorsement of international and local
    sports authorities and organizations to adopt and endorse ICP as a standard for
    inline skate instruction.
  • To support the recognition and development of ICP instructors through an international directory of instructors, vibrant website, online learning platform, exchange program, and opportunities to develop teaching and skating ability, establish a successful skate school and community relations.
  • To become a resource in the exchange and promotion of teaching materials and business ideas as they relate to the sport of inline skating.
  • To identify and appoint Country Representative and National Directors to administer and organize ICP programs in their respective countries.

A Short History

The International Inline Skating Association (IISA) was formed in 1991 as a non-profit organization to advance inline skating as a recreational activity, competitive sport and prosperous industry. Through the support of major inline manufacturers, retailers and thousands of inline skaters, the IISA developed safety and educational programs, worked to protect and expand access to public skateways, sponsored inline educational programs such as the Inline Certification Program and National Skate Patrol, and sanctioned events and competition. The IISA had been recognized as the premier inline skating organization and has served as an inline skating information clearing house for media, trade and governmental organizations.

Educational Programs of the International Inline Skating Association (IISA)

IISA/ICP International

By the mid-1990's, the ICP Certification Program attracted international attention and programs were conducted in many countries in Europe and Asia. By 2000, many countries around the world were represented by IISA/ICP Examiners. ICP Country Offices were set up in Germany (1999), Singapore (2000) and Korea (2001). As the program established itself in the region, ICP Regional Offices , Europe in (2000) and Asia Pacific in (2003) and Directors appointed respectively to further the objectives of IISA/ICP International.

In 2001, IISA/ICP Examiners Mr Norbert Demps (Germany) and Mr Adam Steer (Canada) continued work to develop the “Teach to Teach” Level 3 program. The program became the benchmark for the training and development of ICP International Examiners. In 2002, IISA/ICP Examiners from North America, Europe and Asia completed their International Certifications and were accorded the status of International Examiners. By then, the International ICP community had organized its own activities like Big Skate Europe and ICP programs across the continents.

At the end of 2003, all IISA educational programs and skating initiatives were outsourced to directorships around the world. The individual offices were a cohesive international platform for the support and promotion of the interests of inline skating instructors, inline skate volunteers and inline skating enthusiasts worldwide. International Examiners from Germany, Singapore, Korea, US and Canada met to discuss the needs and growth of ICP Program in countries around the globe and envisioned an organization, ICP International to meet the challenges of making ICP truly international. Work on the new organization begun immediately and efforts were made to formalize ICP International. This took place in November 2003 in Singapore and initiated by ICP Executive Director, Ms. Kristine Fondran, ICP Director (Europe) Mr Norbert Demps and ICP Director (Asia Pacific) Mr Felix Yeo.

In December 2004, prior to disbanding, the International Inline Skating Association (IISA) commissioned it’s Inline Certification Program to ICP International.  Since this time, the program has responded to regional fluctuations of inline skating participation by making adjustments in distribution of the programs to best serve the industry.   In 2010, to ensure the continuity of ICP programming and services, it was decided to bring together all resources and distribute the program out of one global office.

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