Our Team

Executive Director
Kristine Fondran, United States
Inline Industry Liaison
Natan Lakonishok, Switzerland
Country Representative/Coordinator Europe
Natalia Santamaria, Spain
Country Representative-China
Chen Yuan Gui, China
Country Representative-Indonesia
Utoma (Tom) Sugiarto, Indonesia
Austin Simeone, United States
Program Consultant
Asha Kirkby, United Kingdom

The following is a listing of our Active Examiners:

Asia- Pacific Region

  • Brent Tay, China
  • Xu Wei, China
  • Wu Jian Hao, China
  • Zheng Chen Jie, China
  • Gordon Sanders, Hong Kong
  • Ajay Shivlani, India
  • Dhiraj Utmani, India
  • Cho Seung-Bin, Korea
  • Mike Tang, China, Singapore


  • Tina Salafatinos, Greece
  • Natalia Santamaria, Spain
  • Asha Kirkby, United Kingdom

North America

  • Trish Alexander, USA
  • Kristine Fondran, USA
  • Krista Heubusch Schreffler, USA
  • Mark Greenwald, Canada

Apprentice Examiners

  • James, O'Conner, Australia
  • Luara Carvalho, Brazil
  • John Kousparis, Greece
  • Jatin Sanghavi, India
  • Utomo (Tom) Sugiarto, Indonesia
  • Sofi Carreras, Mexico

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