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September 12, 2016
The ICP Level 1 Instructor Certification Course which took place this weekend in London welcomed skaters from as far away as Croatia and all over the UK (Worcester, Camberley, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and London).
The weather once again played a staring role with all day drizzle on Saturday pushing us under cover at Westway Sports Centre. However Sunday redeemed itself with glorious blue...
September 6, 2016
There is still time left in 2016 to get "ICP Certified"
Upcoming 2016 Certification Programs
LocationLevelDateRegistrationLondon, UKLevel 19-11 SeptemberREGISTER NOW!London, UKLevel 223-25 SeptemberREGISTER NOW!Burgos, SpainLevel 114-16 OctoberREGISTER NOW!Singapore Level 14-6 NovemberREGISTER NOW!Madrid, SpainSnowskates Ambassador12-13 NovemberRegistration Coming Soon!Geisingen, GermanyLevel 19-11...
July 21, 2016
By Apprentice Examiner James O'Connor, Australia
Inline Skating instructors, examiners and apprentice examiners from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Spain travelled to Singapore for an action packed week in July of professional development, snowskating, inline skating courses (Levels 1 and 2) and Fitness training on skates!
ICP Course Director Kris Fondran was on hand together...
July 12, 2016
By ICP Examiner Tina Salafatinos
Faliro, Athens – Inline skating in Greece is growing steadily supported by yet another successful ICP Program. John Kousparis, organizer and host for all the programs thus far, as well as an ICP Apprentice Examiner, has been instrumental in setting up the sites, bringing the candidates together and organizing the entire weekend.
Congratulations are in order...
June 3, 2016
By Andrea Marolt, ICP Instructor
My name is Andreja Marolt and I am the Brand Manager of Rollerblade Middle East. Ever since I relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Slovenija earlier this year, my time on skates has been filled with enthusiasm and passion for the sport. With beautiful sunny weather all year long, skating is an activity that one can hardly resist-even during the extreme...
April 27, 2016
By ICP Examiner Natalia Santamaria, Spain
It is very exciting that the ICP is once again providing programming in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe after 20 years. It was all the way back in 1996 that we had held our last program in Italy and our program and the sport have evolved a lot since then.
We had a truly international group in Milan 15-17 April, with candidates coming from various...
April 24, 2016
By ICP/NSP Examiner Krista Schreffler, USA
Dedication. Flexibility. Endurance. These are some words to describe the group of National Skate Patrol Certification and ICP Level 1 Candidates during the weekend of April 9th in Washington, DC

We originally intended to have a National Skate Patrol (NSP) Certification on April 9th to prepare patrollers for the Washington Area Roadskaters Inaugural Skate...
April 11, 2016
by Lorne Milne ICP Examiner/CSIA Level 3 Ski Instructor, Canada
Alberta, Canada discovered that 'Sled Dog Snowskates' are the 'Missing Link' between Inline Skates, Hockey Skates, Ski-Boards/Snow Blades as the 'Bone Fight' came to Canyone Ski Resort. These are no longer the original 'Sled Dogs' (a Soft Shell SnowBoard boot like device with limited performance). The new hard Shell Sled Dogs are extremely...
April 4, 2016
By ICP Examiner Ajay Shivlani, India
It was 4 am and we still had the enthusiasm of 12 year olds! After the grueling task of mastering the Level 1 and Level 2 skating skills, we were ready to look into the theory of teaching again.
That Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra (3 different states of India) are coming under one roof gives true meaning to teaching and learning. We had 6 established skating...
March 18, 2016

During the weekend of March 12-13, 2016, athletes of all skating backgrounds from 12 countries met at the Snowworld indoor ski slopes in Landgraaf, Netherlands for the first Sled Dogs Snowskates Ambassador Program.
Sled Dogs Snowskates are literally skates you can use in the snow with a comfortable, light boot, and an integrated unique base/ski with steel edges for a maximum control. Beyond...
February 11, 2016
Become a Snowskates Ambassador!
Join original members of the ICP Examiner Team, Certified Ski Instructors as well as Top Snowskates Riders in Landgraaf, Netherlands for 2 fun filled days of what else?
Safety, Fun and Learning...on the Slopes!
Snowskates are easy and fast to learn, and extremely compact. All you need is a pair of snowskates, no skis or poles (or ski lifts for that matter), just...
November 10, 2015
By ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby, United Kingdom
(Portuguese embaixo)
Brazil is now the newest country to join the global ICP 'family' with this weekend's course being the second one in the country this year, this time in São Paulo. The group of 9 skaters were mainly from São Paulo city and state but skaters once again travelled up to 6 hours from other cities to join the course.
September 20, 2015
by ICP Examiner Natalia Satamaria, Spain

Por favor, ver más abajo para la traducción española
22 candidates and 2 examiners, 24 different and unique ways of understanding skating but all sharing the same passion: Skating!
This weekend has been really special, it was the second time that we had such a big group of candidates, and it was also my final exam as apprentice...
September 18, 2015
By ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby, United Kingdom
This course was blessed with perfect skate weather (no rain, no wind, not too hot, not too cold) which made the long hours of skating more palatable.
Participants came from as far away as Italy and Cyprus as well as from all over the UK (Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Eastbourne and London). Some participants were already teaching informally in new...
July 21, 2015
By ICP Director Kris Fondran, USA
It is very exciting to see how the profile and popularity of ICP is growing in China. In the last 3 months, we have conducted programs in Shaoxing, Chongqing and now Beijing, certifying over 100 new instructors from cities throughout the country.
With Rollerblade China as this programs sponsor, and the ICP team in place, [Lead Examiner Brent Tay (Singapore), Apprentice...
July 15, 2015
Coming October 2015!
Beginning Inline Skating Instruction* covers the basics of teaching inline skating and is the foundation for the full Inline Certification Program (ICP) Level 1 Certification. Beginning Inline Skating Instruction is open to all who are interested in knowing more about the basics of moving, stopping and turning on inline skates, as well as the theory of how to effectively teach...
June 12, 2015
by ICP Examiner Tina Salafatinos, Greece

So pleased to be a part of another successful program in Athens Greece. Organized on short notice and hosted by ICP Apprentice Examiner John Kousparis, I believe this was the highest scoring group I've ever ever had the pleasure of examining!

One of the joys of a program weekend is being impressed and surprised on test day. I should know by now that...
June 1, 2015
By Evan Simeone, Camp Counselor Workshop Attendee
By Evan Simeone, Camp Counselor Workshop
In early May I had the chance to experience a small sample of what my Mom Kris Fondran does with the Inline Certification Program (ICP) by attending a 1 day teaching workshop with her in Washington, DC USA. The workshop was held at the Anacostia Park Skating Pavillion and organized by former Olympic Speed...
May 21, 2015
By ICP Examiner Pepa Gil, Spain & ICP Apprentice Examiner and Spain Program Coordinator Natalia Santamaria, Spain
(A continuación encontrará la traducción en español.)
Pepa’s Experience
A visit to Barcelona is always a boost of energy. A skating atmosphere is breathed into every corner of the city and it’s awesome!
For the Level 1 program, there were...
May 14, 2015
By ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby

I remember when ICP courses in London were 95% London skaters and very rarely someone from outside the capital. Over the last 6 years this demographic has changed as a reflection of the UK skate scene growing in other cities and regions.
This course had 7 skaters NOT from London but from Cambridge, Lewes, Eastbourne, Lancaster and Jersey
May 10, 2015
ICP Level 1 Shaoxing, China 26-28 April
By ICP Examiner Mike Tang
For the first time I brought my wife and elder son with me from Singapore to Shaoxing, China so that they can see what I do when I am away from home examining for ICP. My wife is always worried when I go away so this was a chance to have her see and experience what I do first hand and for me to have my wife and son by my side. Although...
March 26, 2015
By Spain Coordinator & Level 2 Instructor Natalia Santamaria
Natalia teaching her peers "Striding Stage 3" during her Practical Teaching Exam
Facing an ICP certification course is always a challenge. It doesn’t matter if it is a Level 1 or a Level 2, the same questions keep popping up inside me: Will I be able to? Have I acquired all the skills I need? Am I a good enough instructor to...
March 24, 2015
By ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby
Back in Burgos, Spain for the first Level 2 course of the year with freezing temperatures but high enthusiasm and energy from the 9 candidates.
This is the first course EVER where the women outnumbered the men 6 to 3! Candidates came from Burgos, Vitoria, Valladolid, Barcelona, Murcia, Caceres and Segovia, in short from all over Spain. It was very nice for once to not...
March 19, 2015

By ICP Director Kristine Fondran
Skating instructors from around the Maharashtra region in India as well as skating association leaders and inline industry executives from around India and the Middle East gathered to celebrate the marriage of ICP Instructor and Apprentice Examiner Jatin Sanghavi at the MCA Cricket club in Mumbai, India.
The wedding was celebrated in the Jain tradition with much...
March 9, 2015
by ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby
After an amazing winter of skating where I did an ICP course in Rio de Janeiro in temperatures of 40 °C (104°F) followed by a freezing weekend teaching in London for my skate school, this latest Spanish ICP course in Valencia had my personal thermostat singing with joy at beautiful sunny conditions and perfect 26°C (78°F) heat.

Saturday Morning Peer...

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