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Beginning Inline Skating Instruction* covers the basics of teaching inline skating and is the foundation for the full ICP Level 1 Program. This course is offered through the ICP eLearning Academy and open to all who are interested in knowing more about the basics of teaching moving, stopping and turning on inline skates as well as the theory of how to effectively teach the sport of inline skating to skaters of all ages. Fitness professionals who would like to offer skating as means to better health, those interested in taking the FULL certification in the future, and beginning skaters looking to improve their basic skating skills or understanding of the sport, will benefit from this "theory only" online course.

Those successfully completing this course will receive credit for the theory portion of the ICP Level 1 certification program should they decide to take the program in the future.** 

 Start Beginning Inilne Skating Instruction (English version only-Spanish coming soon) today by clicking on the photo below!

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*Beginning Inline Skating Instruction is not a certification to teach inline skating.
**Course must be taken within two (2) calendar years to receive credit for ICP Level 1 theory.

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