The Slalom Instructor Program is open to all certified instructors that would like develop their ability to teach basic slalom skating techniques. Those successfully completing all elements of the course will be recognized as a Certified Slalom Instructor. The program was developed by Naomi Grigg and Kristine Fondran.

Slalom Instructor Program includes the following:

  • Slalom instruction on basic and core tricks
  • Slalom teaching methods
    • Core skills
    • Static & dynamic exercises
    • Upper body
    • Problem solving
  • Field Instruction/Peer Training
  • Style theory – improving smoothness, fluidity, power and form
  • Instruction on the uses of slalom in solving common skating problems
  • Instruction on the use of slalom for supporting/cross other skating disciplines
  • Seminars on
    • the evolution of slalom
    • slalom competitions & judging methods
    • coaching skaters for slalom competitions
    • building slalom communities
  • Written and Practical Examinations


Must be ICP Level 1 certified. Slalom Instructor candidates must exhibit advanced skating skill abilities including a solid command of edges, pressure control, transitions and backwards skating.

By the end of the program, Instructors must be able to:

Slalom Certified Instructors To Date

2011 April – London, UK

  • Natalie Ujuk, Australia
  • Ann Marie Philip, UK
  • Quentin Silvand, UK, ICP Level 2

2010 November-  Hasselt, Belgium

  • Cloe Sevre, France
  • Megan McIntosh, USA
  • Tim Schraepen, Belgium

2010 May- Singapore

  • Faussi Agnes Lamiran, Singapore, ICP Level 2,

2010 April-Australia

  • James O’Connor, Sydney, ICP Level 2
  • Andrea Winzor, Melbourne, ICP Level 1

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