ICP Instructor Livestream-Session-December 2022

ICP Instructor Livestream-Session-December 2022

December 4, 2022 - 12:00 AM EST

Sunday, December 4th  8:00am-10am (New York)

Sunday, December 4th  4pm-6pm (New York)

Go to www.worldtimebuddy.com to find the time of in your city.


This meeting is open to all Instructors who are current with their 2022 Annual Registration. Session registration is available in the ICP Website Resource Platform on the ICP website.

Meeting Agenda will be sent to all Instructors 2 weeks prior to livesteram Session.

Not current with 2022 Annual Registration? Please login to YOUR ACCOUNT to register.



*The ICP Recertification Exam-is for all those previously certified by the ICP and who have not reigstered for 3 or more years. This recertification course includes 2022 Annual Registration for calendar year.  Click here for to purchase the course and 2022 Annual Registration.

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