"Slide" Along side the BCN ICP Level 1

"Slide" Along side the BCN ICP Level 1

October 11, 2019 - October 12, 2019

Slides & Urban Stops Workshop

Friday, 11 October 1200-1500 & Saturday 12 October 1900-2200

Cost: $50 USD (45€) Onsite registration $60 USD (50€)

Interested in learning or improving some basic slide and urban stopping techniques? 

Want to improve your slides so that you can begin to teach the basics to others?

Then this Slides & Urban Stops workshop is for you! 

With an emphasis on "carving" and using skill building drills from slalom skating and downhill, participants will improve confidence while sliding learning how to choose the best movement for the skating environment. The 3 hour workshop will cover some or all of the following: 
  • Soul slide
  • Forward & Backward Power Slides
  • Forward & Backward Plow Stops
  • New Methods of T-stopping including preparation for the "Magic Slide"
  • Carving
Location: Lugar para la práctica de patinaje: Avenida García Faria (Passeig Garcia Faria 31-37)
Questions? Contact Program Coordinator Natalia Santamaria at santamarianatalia@hotmail.com 

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