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Been skating long enough to teach new skaters how to skate? Always wanted to share the joy of skating? Interested in a part of full time income source? Or just want to become a better skater by learning the knowledge behind it all? Take the next step and become an “ICP Certified®” instructor!

Even if you don’t intend to teach skating as a profession (or as a second job), the ICP is a very enriching program to go through. All skaters who have gone through the program experience more satisfaction and joy from skating simply because they have gained a throughout understanding of the sport. Avid divers who have gone beyond basic diving lessons to become dive instructors will know what we mean. Those who do start teaching skating as a full-time or part- time job will tell you that they can now earn a rewarding income while having fun.

What Will You Learn?

  • Master skating fundamentals which can be applied to all and any skating skill to perform them better
  • Learn to how teach anyone to skate, your friends, your child, your colleagues or parents, even if they have never put on a pair of skates before
  • Adopt the tested and proven ICP teaching methodology, which can be effectively used to teach any other skills in life. See more details of the program in Programs.

The ICP trains competent skaters to become professional instructors. Graduates are certified to teach inline skating worldwide, either independently or with a skate school. The program consists of a number of levels and candidates need only to attain Level 1 to become “ICP Certified®.”*

See “Program Overview” to get a better idea of each level.

* All instructors recognized as “ICP Certified®” and who use the ICP mark are subject to yearly registraiton fees and ongoing continuing education.


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