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"Now that I'm a Certified Instructor..."


What are the benefits of completing my Public Profile?

This is your first chance to make a great impression. Your profile includes information for your online directory listing and will be what people see when they look for you on the site. You get to choose what information to publish to show the world who you are, so be thoughtful about how you want to represent yourself. Most instructors enter their contact information, a picture, and short bio that outlines their teaching and related experiences.   

Where can I teach?

You can teach through sporting goods or skate retailers, community centers, Parks and Recreation departments, local universities or community colleges, health clubs and skate schools, and as a free-lance Certified Instructor.

Where can I use the Press Release?

The Press Release is a promotional tool for you to use in your community.  Fill in your name and any other appropriate information and submit it to your local newspapers and sports publications.  Submit it to skate clubs or your local YMCA and health club for release in their membership publications. 

Where can I use the ICP Rules of the Road"?

The Rules of the Road can be a very effective handout for your students.  You can make them available at special events, retailers and classes so that students will be reminded of the standards of in line safety etiquette.  You can also attach your business to promote your lessons.

Where can I use the ICP logo

You may use ICP logos for promotional materials:  website, flyers, advertisements, special events, correspondence, newsletters, etc. as long as your certification is valid (See FAQ “Do I need to pay an Annual registration Fee?” below.) Not only is the logo recognized by the international skating community;  it also lends credibility to you as a certified instructor who promotes safe skating.

Do I need to wear full protective gear while teaching?

When wearing any shirt or uniform bearing the ICP Mark (logo) we ask that you where full protective gear.  Those certified through the ICP set themselves apart from other instructors by not only giving the highest quality inline skating lessons but by modeling safe skating practices such as wearing protective gear.                                                                                    

Do I need to pay an "Annual Registration" fee?

Yes, all instructors need to register annually to be listed on the ICP Global Instructor Directory,  to use the ICP Mark (logo) on their uniform, website and promotional materials, and to take advantage of “instructor only offers”, etc.

For 2019, newly certified instructors will be considered “Active” and in good standing with a full profile on the ICP Global Instructor Directory and all instructor benefits until 31 December 2020.  After that time, instructors are subject to an “Annual Registration fee” and continuing education requirements to remain in “Active” status.  For 2019, the Annual Registration fee is $75 USD.

How do I collect Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

Currently there is no requirement to collect CECs. However, that doesn't mean you should stop learning!  Click here to be taken to the Skating Instruction eLearning Academy where you will find resources for instructors and skater.

How do I let future ICP candidates know about the program?

If you know other people who may want to get certified, send them to the website where many questions can be answered.  They can also email the ICP office directly at

If there is a lot of interest in the program it is possible to host a local program with a minimum number of candidates.   Some basic questions can be answered on the ICP website under “Get Certified”/“Host a Certification” in our drop down menu. Contact the ICP office for more information and to schedule the program.

What are some of the benefits of the Facebook Closed Group & ICP Newsletter?

The ICP Closed Facebook group provides a forum as well as a direct connection to instructors world-wide.  It is there that you will find out what your peers are doing world-wide to grow the sport and their skating business.

The ICP Newsletter-The Greater Skater is published regularly and is another link between you and the ICP.  The ICP Newsletter will keep you informed about upcoming events, continuing education programs and special events. If you would like to contribute to the Greater Skater, send your article to for consideration.  Remember, if you change your address, please let the ICP office know so the ICP Newsletter can keep up with you!

What are "pro forms"?

Pro forms are products offered at a discounted pro forms price for ICP Certified Instructors from sponsors and affiliated organizations.  Not all manufacturers participate in all countries so please check the website or newsletter for the latest information.

What is the average cost of lessons from a certified instructor?

Certified instructors will charge between $30.00 USD and $75.00 USD per hour for private lessons and $10.00 USD to $15.00 USD per hour per skater for group lessons.

How can I get more involved with the ICP?

As a Certified Instructor here is how you can ensure that you are in the loop of the latest updates from us.

1. Go to the ICP website and on the right side of the screen you will see an “Instructor Login” area.  Login using the email and password that you used when registering for the ICP course and  additional contact information, photos, etc to your instructor profile. This account will be used to register for future events, access “Instructor Only” resources and even updated manuals!

2. Keep yourself updated This is where all the updates will be made. There’s also a login box on the right to login to the ICP Memberlodge.  So do drop by often and let us know if you have any stuffs for us to post too.

3. Like Us!
Head on to our Facebook Page at and LIKE us. Or you can also hit the LIKE button on the right side of this page –>

4. Join Us!
 ICP has a closed group that’s meant for ICP instructors/examiners.  Request to join in the discussions at

In addition we need your help with building content on our site. Any expertise in writing, videography, admin, website maintenance, etc. will be appreciated!

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