Ex3 For Beginning Inline Skating Instruction Course ONLY

1.    Go to https://ssip.ex3host.com/icp/login/login.aspx

2.    Click on “First Time Visitors Click here”

3.    Fill in all Fields EXCEPT “ICP Membership #”

4.    Click on “Send Request”

5.    You will be sent an email that will contain a link to “Create A User Account” 

6.    Here you will fill out ALL boxes on the registration form and create a user name and password.

7.    If done correctly you will see a link that says “Click here to login”

8.    You should be taken to https://ssip.ex3host.com/icp/login/login.aspx

9.    On the left side of the screen, click on “My Options”, the “My Programs & Course”

10. Once in that screen you will see tabs at the top of the page.  Click on “My Courses”

11. Click on “Select Season” and then click on “2015-16”

12. Click on "To pay this subscription fee" and "Proceed to Secure Payment Gateway"

13.  Fill out form and make payment.  You will be brought back to "My Courses"

14.  Click once again on "Select Season" and click on 2015-16

15. Click on "Add"

16.  The "Course Find" box will pop up.

17.  Click on "Search" & Click on either the English Or Spanish Version(If available) of the Beginning Inline Skating Instruction and then click on "Select"

18.  Once again Click on the "Beginning Inline Skating Course" and you will see the Level 1 Manual.  Click on the "Level 1 Review Manual" then click on "View File"  A PDF version of the Level 1 Manual will download.

19. Using the PDF version of the manual provided, take the Exam by clicking on ""Beginning Inline Skating Course" and "Select"   You have 3 attempts to successfully complete the exam.

20. Upon passing, you can then find and print the certificate in "My Certifications" 

21.  Congratulations!   

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