2021 Benefits of Being "ICP Certified"

Instructor Registration- REGISTER NOW

2021 Fee:   Registration $49 through December 31, 2021 & Receive 2022 Annual Registration at no additional charge!
  • Updated Instructor Profile Page with Bio & Picture in Global Instructor Directory (Sample Profile: ICP Level 1 Instructor Dela Dogbe from Doha, Qatar
  • Opportunity to become an ICP Affiliate and receive up to 15% commission on referrals for the ICP Online Level 1 Certification!
  • 25-50% off programming (certifications not included) in the ICP's Skating Instruction Academy where instructors can take courses and purchase additional curriculum and learning materials. All programming is now available in an App! Download Kajabi from iTunes or Google Play and have all courses at your finger tips! 
  • Free Access to Global Instructor Community- located in the Skating Instruction Academy which is a place to connect with instructor, examiners and industry experts sharing ideas, advice and inspiration! Also available through the Kajabi App in iTunes or Google Play Coupon Code Avaiaiable under "RESOURCES" tab once logged into "YOUR ACCOUNT"
  • Free Quarterly Livestream Business Building & Instructional Workshops. Coupon Codes Available under "RESOURCES" tab once logged into "YOUR ACCOUNT"
  • Use of ICP Mark (logo) on personal website and promotional materials
  • Instructors Only Resources (Updated Certification Manuals, Lesson Plans & More!) this section of YOUR ACCOUNT only viewable only to those who are current with registration. 
  • 30-40% Discount Code for Rollerblade Brand Skates**
  • 20% Discount Code for Inline Warehouse available for all Active Instructors World-Wide***
  • Referral Fees, Discounts & Commission for Zephyr Adventures (Details in the Instructor Only Resources)
  • Global Instructor Referral Service
  • Participation in World-Wide Inline Expert Community
  • Liability Insurance (US INstructors Only) Click here for more information.

Instructor & International Skate School Registration


2021 Fee:   Registration $149 through December 31, 2021 & Receive 2022 Instructor & Skate School registration at no additional charge!

It is for the skate school that wants to align more closely with ICP and their industry partners, grow there skating business and be leaders in the inline industry. This registration combination registers the skate school and the owner/director.**** In addition to the Instructor benefits the International Skate School Registration Includes:

  • Logo with website link on International Skate School Page
  • Opportunity to become an ICP Skate School Affiliate at receive 15% commision on all referrals for the ICP Online Level 1 
  • Bio, profile and logo on International Skate School Page
  • Opportunity for up to one (1)  “feature story” during 2021 highlighting the school on the "News" page of the ICP Website and on ICP Facebook pages
  • Opportunity for up to three (3) approved posts on ICP Facebook page
  • Quarterly Live Mentoring Calls with ICP Director & ICP Team Members
  • Promotional Tie-in Opportunities with ICP Sponsors
  • 25-50% discount for ALL courses and materials offered in the ICP eLearning Platform
  • 20% discount on all 2021 Advanced Training Programs (Level 2, Business Builders and Sport Specific Workshops)

International Skate School Recognition Criteria:

  • All instructors must be "ICP Certified" in good standing* or working toward certification. 
  • All lessons must adhere to ICP safety standards for conducting lessons.
  • Skate School must promote ICP program on their website and materials.
  • Skate School is subject to audit on skate school program and standards.
  • ICP reserves the right to discontinue skate school listing if Basic International Skate School Recognition Criteria is not upheld.

International Skate School Registration-


2021 Fee:  Registration through $99 USD Receive 2022 Instructor & Skate School Registration at no additional charge!
Skate School ONLY Registration is for instructors who were certified in 2020 or 2021 or who have prepaid for Instructor Annual Registration for 2021 and would like to be an ICP Recognized Skate School.

*Instructors who do not maintain Annual Registration are not permitted to use the ICP mark (logo) or to advertise themselves as "ICP Certified"
**Click here for participating countries. Must email info@inilnecertificationprogram.org for unique discount code
***Discount code and specific information regarding these promotions are available in "Instructor Only" Resources available once logged in to the ICP website. 
****Individual instructors are required to pay Annual Registration. Group Instructor Discounts available for schools with more than 3 ICP Instructors when all instructors pay on one invoice. Please email admin@inlinecertificationprogram.org for details.
*****If you are interested in becoming a Premiere Partner with the ICP for 2021 please contact ICP Director Kris Fondran at director@inlinecertificationprogram.org for details.


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