Instructors who have let their ICP "Active Instructor" status lapse for 3 or more years by not paying the ICP Annual Registration fee and have not completed requisite Continuing Education Requirements (CERs) when applicable, must complete the requirements to reinstate their certification. 

Being “ICP Certified” means that you have joined thousands instructors around the world in an effort to promote and offer safe and effective inline skating instruction. For over 25 years the ICP has been committed to the development of skating world-wide by making our program available on 6 continents, and through it, emboldening others in the ICP spirit of “Teaching the World to Skate.”!

Maintaining an “Active Instructor” status and a listing in the ICP Global Directory is a way that instructors can demonstrate their commitment to excellence in instruction and support the ongoing efforts of the ICP to ensure quality inline skating instruction is available in communities around the world. By registering annually, keeping up with the latest in skating education, skating technology and industry offerings, the consumer is assured that they are receiving quality skating instruction. Completing the requirements of certification serves as ongoing professional development for the instructor and adds to the overall credibility of the certification program and what it means to be "ICP Certified". 

To maintain recognition as “ICP Certified”, members must maintain their certification through the payment of a nominal Annual Registration fee with the ICP, continuing education when applicable, and compliance with the ICP Instructor Code of Professional Conduct. This is required of all certified members.

2020 Requirements of Recertification

  • Enroll in ICP Recertification Course in the ICP Online Learning Platform.
  • Pay 2020 Annual Registration Fee by logging into “YOUR ACCOUNT” on the ICP website.*
  • Meet Continuing Education Requirements (CERs) when required.**
  • Comply with the ICP Code of Professional Conduct.

2020 Benefits of being “ICP Certified”

*Contact the ICP at info@inlinecertificationprgram for login information
**There are no Continuing Education Requirements (CERs) for 2020

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