ICP International Recognized Skate Schools

An ICP International Recognized Skate School is one that is recognized to have consistently maintained ICP standards of safe and effective skating instruction, making it an example for other skate schools world-wide.

Basic International Skate School Recognition Criteria:

  • All instructors must be ICP Certified
  • All lessons must adhere to ICP safety standards for conducting lessons
  • Skate School is subject to audit on skate school program and standards

For more information about the benefits of becoming an ICP Recognized Skate School click here.

Platinum Level 3 Skate Schools

Must meet the basic recognition criteria PLUS have at least one (1) Level 3 Instructor/Examiner on staff.

Skate School Director:  Doon Yuen
Email: dy@csaa.com.hk
In 2002, Checker Inline Skating School was founded with the vision of promoting inline skating to become a popular sport in HK. From UK champion to head coach of Checker, Doon Yuen teaches his students techniques as well as attitude.   “win without pride, lose without losing heart” is the value young Checker skaters always have in mind. Rooted locally, Checker looks forward to jump out of HK to compete in the world stage.


 Inline Cookie Logo

Skate School Director: 
Email: bulesky001@naver.com
The inline cookie school, which was opened in August 2000, was established to create a new leisure sports venue for all the family to enjoy together with the inline skating curriculum in order to enjoy the inline skating happily. Inline Cookie School is an inline professional school run by ICP Certified Leaders, providing international inline skating qualifications and training for leaders of the sport.


Skate School Director:  Krista Heubusch-Schreffler
Email:  krista@skatersquest.com

Skater’s Quest is an inline skating company devoted to promoting the sport in all of its disciplines. It is our goal to provide dynamic, high quality, affordable inline skating events, educational and promotional programs for all ages and ability levels in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and throughout the United States.  Skater’s Quest has been building skaters and skating since 1997.



Skateline (est. 1999) is the first skate school in Singapore to teach inline-skating as a sport for all on a large scale based on ICP. For over a decade, Skateline fields one of the largest teams of actively-teaching ICP instructors in the world. It was recognized by ICP as an international skate school for its effort in promoting ICP in 2002.


Skate School Director:  Brent Tay
Email: brent@urbaninline.com.sg

Urban Inline was first set up in 2005 in Singapore. Now it has expanded to three other countries, giving skating enthusiasts a place where they can get their hands on the latest wares. Urban Inline makes the sport of inline skating come alive right here in Singapore! We pride ourselves on the highest standards of services offered to customers. Our passion for sport allows us to commit to professionalism and competence.  Our goal is to promote safe and fun learning experience for all inline skaters.


Backfliphouse logo

Owner:  Antonio Rico Cuesta
Our school opened its doors at the same time as our shop did. Our professional and trained instructors will lead you through the first steps to the most advanced skills, and if you need you can have the expertise advice of our staff to help you to acquire the skates which will suit you at the best prices.
Nuestra escuela abrió sus puertas al mismo tiempo que nuestra tienda. Nuestros instructores son profesionales entrenados que te guiaran desde los primeros pasos hasta las técnicas más avanzadas, y si lo necesitas tendrás el consejo experto de nuestro personal para aconsejarte sobre el patín más adecuado para ti a los mejores precios.


Skate School Director:  Kris Fondran
Email: nciskateschool@gmail.com

North Coast Inline Skating School has been providing inline skating instruction and education throughout the Greater Cleveland, Ohio USA area since 1996.  As a “roving” skate school, North Coast Inline has brought skating to numerous schools, recreation centers and municipalities and has taught hundreds of children and adults to skate or skate better. 

 Skate Journeys

Skate School Director: Trish Alexander
Email: trish@skatejourneys.org
Website: http://skatejourneys.org

Skate Journeys is a non-profit 501C3 skate school for kids and grownups. Skate Journeys teaches both inline and quad skating at weekend classes, afterschool programs, summer camps and in school at PE Classes. We have over 40 paid and volunteer, certified instructors (word this however you want) offering 6 levels of classes, slalom, pairs and artistic classes weekly.

Mission Statement
To TEACH people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds, the sport of inline and roller skating
To CREATE and promote physical education and build healthier communities through skating and other playful communities
To PROVIDE instructional programs empowering individuals’ educational, professional and personal growth

 Gold Level 2 Skate Schools

Must meet the basic recognition criteria PLUS have at least one (1) Level 2 Instructor on staff.


Adreneline Brazil

Owners: Luara Cavalho & Dennis Tavares

Adreninline is a team and skating school. Founded in August 2013, in the city of Osasco, Sāo Paulo, Brazil. In the last 5 years we have become one of the main skating institutions in Brazil. From the start, its founders have sought to promote skating by encouraging and fostering the practice of competitive skating without losing its roots,maintaining the main characteristics that come from the streets and especially the fun. "


 Rollerskool Jakarta

Owner: Tomy Sugiarto
Email: info@rollerskool.com 

Rolleskool is Dunia Inline Skate's education program helping people learn how to inline skate from zero, using correct technique from the very first session. The program combines the structure of ICP and flexibility of a fun based program creating an enjoyable experience for everyone. Rollerskool can be enjoyed every weekend at Dunia Inline Skate or as an after school program at selected schools in Jakarta, Indonesia. 




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