ICP InternationalĀ RegisteredĀ Skate School Guidelines

An ICP International Registered Skate School is one that is recognized to have consistently maintained ICP standards of safe and effective skating instruction, making it an example for other skate schools world-wide.

Basic International Skate School Recognition Criteria:

  • All instructors must be ICP Certified Instructors in good standing* or working toward certification.
  • All instructors must complete Safe Sport International's IProtect: An Introduction or other recognized safeguarding children course.
  • All lessons must adhere to ICP safety standards for conducting lessons.
  • Skate School are encouraged to promote ICP program on their website and materials.
  • Skate School is subject to audit on skate school program and standards**

To ensure the safety for all participants and the prosperity of our sport, we have compiled the following recommendations:

  1. ICP Internationally Registered Skate School and Instructors should require students to wear all protective equipment including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protection.
  2. Skate School Lessons and Event areas should be cleared of all debris.
  3. Boundaries should be created with cones, safety tape and existing structures to quadrant off the perimeter of the lesson area.
  4. Only registered lesson participants should be allowed in the Skate School lesson area.
  5. Instruction should always stay at the ability level of the student.
  6. A list of local emergency numbers should be at all Skate School locations and with all Skate School Instructors and Employees.
  7. A first aid kit should be available at all Skate School locations
  8. Skate School equipment should be maintained and checked regularly.
*Instructors are required to maintain ICP Annual Registration and complete, Safe Sport International's iProtect: Introduction course (or equivalent) Continuing Education Requirements (CERs) when applicable.
**ICP reserves the right to discontinue skate school listing if International Skate SchoolĀ Registration Criteria is not upheld.