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We base each class/workshop on the following principles:

  • Feedback and Adjustment: Personalized tips and corrections to improve your form and technique.
  • Confidence Building: Encouraging a positive mindset and overcoming fear.
  • Progress Tracking: Setting goals and monitoring your progress over the course of the camp and beyond.

*Please note that all sessions and instructors listed are subject to change.

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Advanced stopping techniques and slides

What are slides?

Slides can be both useful stopping techniques and fun. They have been developed over the past few decades and continue to grow. 

Who can take part in a slides/advanced stopping class?

These classes are designed for the intermediate to advanced skater. You must have good control over your skates and understand how to manipulate your skates.

What will I learn during the class?

Some examples include slides, forward powerslides, backward powerslides, and magic slides. You will learn how to control your skates during a slide and learn how to stop faster in sudden situations or use it to control your speed on a hill. They are also extremely fun to make mini competitions with friends.

Who are my instructors?

Natan Lakoniszak, Danny Aldridge, Si Coburn

Skate Park

What is Skate park?

A skate park, is a purpose-built recreational environment designed for any sports that use wheels. It may contain half-pipes, handrails, funboxes, vert ramps, stair sets, bowls, etc.

Who can join a Skate park class?

Intermediate level with the ability to control balance, to pick up a little speed, stop and skate both forwards and backwards.

What will I learn during a Skate Park lesson? 

By the end of the lesson, you'll have gained a better understanding of how to navigate the skate park, perform various tricks, and have increased confidence to skate in a skate park.

Who are my instructors?

Danny Aldridge, Javi Garrido, Si Coburn

Urban Skating

What is Urban skating?

Urban skating is skating in an urban setting such as the city. 

Who can join an urban skating class?

Intermediate. Must be able to control speed and stop

What will I learn during an urban skating class?

How to deal with obstacles, stairs, curbs, etc. and how to interact with the environment in a fun and creative way. 

Who are my instructors?

Si Coburn, Danny Aldridge, Javi Garrido

Speed Skating

What is speed skating?

Endurance skating. 

Who can take part in a speed skating class?

For those skaters who are thunking of taking part in a race or want to learn how to skate faster, more effectively, using the correct techniues.

What will I learn during a speed skating class?

This clinic will provide information
necessary to successfully complete a full marathon. On skate training tips with form and technique evaluation
in addition to pre-event preparation and event day ‚Äúmust,‚ÄĚ will be included. ¬†

Who is my instructor?

Patxi Peula

Kids Classes

What do the lessons entail?

Safety, FUN and Learning! These are the foremost aspects of any class. Therefore the instructor will ensure that the classes have a fun element for each class to improve and/or learn new skills.

Who will lead the classes?

Certified Instructors and/or qualified teachers will lead these classes. Some experts in the field may join the class to assist.

This also ensures that children will have gained a wide range of skills by the end of the camp to bring home.

Who are my instructors?

Kris Fondran, Mauraid Kavanagh, Tomasz Araucz, Mike Tang, Logan Anderson 

Figure Skating

What is figure skating?

Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, pairs, or groups perform spins, jumps, footwork and other intricate and challenging moves on skates

Who can join a figure skating class?

Intermediate and higher

What will I learn during a figure skating class?

Balance and edge control are keys to success when it comes to figure skating. Emphasis will be placed on improving all edges forward, backward, inside, outside) and participants will learn beginning progressions for
figure skating favorites such as the waltz jump, two-foot spin, sprial, and Ina Bauer

Who are my instructors?

Anna Royo, Kris Fondran

Basic Skating Skills

What are basic skating skills?

It is important to move forward, backward, stop and turn with confidence. In these classes you will learn such basic skills as proper forward skating technique stopping with and without a break and a variety of turns.

Who can join these classes?


What will I learn during a basic skating skills class?

You will learn skating fundementals of moving, stopping and turning. The ICP Level 1 & Level 2 teaching and skating skills will be the curriculum for these basic skills classes.

Who are my instructors?

Kris Fondran, Mauraid Kavanagh, Tomasz Araucz, MikeTang, Logan Anderson 

Speed Control

What is speed control in skating?

Speed control is also known as downhill skating. It is knowing how to control your speed while skating down an incline in a safe way. This includes speeding up and slowing down.

Who can join a speed control class?

As this includes skating downhill, you should already be quite confident on skates and know some basic stopping techniques. This class is ideal for the intermediate and advanced skater.

What will I learn during a speed control skating class?

 You will learn how to control your speed at various inclines as well as efficient stops and slides, which come in useful while dealing with a potential dangerous situation.

Who are my instructors?

Natan Lakoniszak, Si Coburn, Danny Aldridge

Roller Dance

What is Roller Dance?

Also known as Jam Skating. It is a skating style consisting of a combination of dance, gymnastics, and roller skating, performed on inline or roller skates

Who can join a Roller Dance?

All levels.

What will I learn during a roller dance class?

Roller dance is a fun and dynamic activity that blends athleticism with artistic flair, making it a popular choice for those looking to combine physical exercise with creative expression.

Who are my instructors?

Tomasz Araucz, Anna Roya 

Roller Hockey

What is Roler Hockey?

Roller hockey is a form of hockey played on a dry surface using inline or quad skates. Players use either a ball or puck and a traditional hockey stick. Combined, roller hockey is played in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

Who can join a hockey class?

Intermediate and advanced skating level. If you can move forward, stop and turn condfidently, you can join hockey skills classes. 

What will I learn during a Roller Hockey class?

The roller hockey classes focuses on develping the specific skating skills such quick starts,  as hockey turns and edge stops used in hockey. Basic shooting and passing will also be covered. Each session will end with a hockey game!  

Who are my instructors?

Logan Anderson, Kris Fondran

Yoga for skaters

(Morning Session Warm up)

What is yoga for skaters?

The yoga for skaters classes will prepare skaters for a day on skate. Emphasis will be on joint mobililty movements and classical postures that will prepare the whole body for skating. 

Who can join a yoga class?

Everyone. Anyone who wants to  stretch out the stresses of the previous day or prepare for an intense day (physically or mentally) on skates.

What will I learn during a yoga for skaters class?

 Joint mobility movements and classical postures that target the skating muscles of the feet, legs, hips and back.

Who are my instructors?

Kris Fondran, Mauraid Kavanaugh

Plyometrics & Body Weight Training for Skaters

(Morning Session Warm-up)

What is Plyometrics & Body Weight Training?

Plyometrics exercises exert maximum force in short intervals of time, to increase power (speed-strength)  through  jumping and bounding activities. Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises that use an individual's own weight such as lunges, squats, planks, and push ups.

What we will do in this session?

Various plyometric & body weight exercises targeting the skating muscles (core, quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles)

Who can join the plyometrics  class?

All levels and skaters 12 years and older.

Who are my instructors?

Sofia Carerras, Javi Garrido, Patxi Peula

Blade Fitness Workshop

What is Blade Fitness?

Originally developed by Rollerblade in the 1990's in association with Reebok University and inspired by training methods used by inline skating and fitness professionals around the world.

Who can join the Blade Fitness workshop?

Intermediate skaters & up

What will I learn during this class?

Come ready for a dynamic on skate workout that will challenge your muscle and cardiovascular endurance with moving squat, lunge, swizzle drills, etc.  You are guarenteed to leave with ideas on how you can add more fitness and fun to your own skating workout.

Who are my instructors?

Kris Fondran, Anna Royo

Skating Business Building Workshop

Who can join the business workshop?

What will I learn during this class?


Who is my instructor?

Sofia Carerras, Javi Garrido, Kris Fondran and along with other skate school aand skate business owners.

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