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ICP Level 2 Certification Program Details

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Level 2 is for the experienced ICP Level 1 instructor to further enhance class handling skills, problem- solving and intermediate skating skill development. Effective teaching methods will be highlighted and examples and ideas of ways to build a successful inline skating school will be discussed and explored throughout the weekend.

The Program includes the following:

  • Instructional Program
  • Seminar on Intermediate Theory and problem solving
  • Product and Industry update
  • Business Building Seminar
  • Field Instruction by ICP Examiner
  • Written and Practical Examinations


Must be ICP Level 1 certified and a member in good standing.* Instructor candidates must exhibit advanced skating skill abilities including a solid command of edges, backward crossovers, advanced transitions, etc. Full Protective Gear (Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards) and Heel Brake are compulsory and must be worn throughout program.

*Eligibility to obtain ICP Level 2 certification is subject to Annual Registration Fee and continuing education credits. Not current with Annual Registration?   Renew your annual registration now»

Level 2 Skating Requirements

Level 2 Teachable Skills

  • Backward Swizzle
  • Backward Movement
  • T Stop
  • Forward Slalom
  • Lunge Turn
  • Heel Stop 2
  • Forward Stride 3
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Lunge Stop
  • Mohawk Turn
  • Two-Foot Forward to Backward Transition
  • Two-Foot Backward to Forward Transition

Level 2 Additional Skills

  • Backward Crossovers
  • Backward Slalom
  • Forward Inside 3 Turn
  • Forward Outside 3 Turn
  • Backward Mohawk Turn
  • Edge Stop
  • 180 Degree Jump
  • Continuous Level 2 Skill Combinations

Level 2 Skating Requirements (Videos)

Intermediate Movement


Intermediate Stopping

Intermediate Turning


Advanced Intermediate Movement

Advanced Intermediate Stopping


Advanced Intermediate Turning





Additional Skills








  • Sequence Involving Any Required Skills (Candidate's Choice)