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2013 Program Dates

Oct 01, 2014

Another Year (our 22nd!) and Another Calendar of Programs.

What are you waiting for?  “This is YOUR  year…”Get Certified” in 2013!

Singapore Level 1 22-24 February
London, UK Level 1 26-28 April
Singapore Level 1 26-28 April
Madrid, Spain Level 1 24-26 May
Valladolid, Spain Level 1 31 May-2 June
Barcelona, Spain Level 1 14-16 June
Jakarta, Indonesia Level 1 14-16 June
Singapore Level 1 5-7 July
Singapore Level 1 
23-25 August
Mumbai, India* Level 1 
6-8 September
Seoul, South Korea Level 1 8, 14-15 September
Madrid, Spain Level 2 
27-29 September
Barcelona, Spain LEVEL 1
4-6 October
London, UK Level 1 
11-13 October
Seoul, South Korea Level 2 20, 26-27 October
Singapore Level 1 6-8 December

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