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Kris Fondran, Examiner, USA

Since 1995, Kris has been involved with the Inline Certification Program (ICP) as an active instructor and examiner, and currently serves as the program director. Along with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Master Degree in Exercise Science, and various skating, yoga and fitness related certifications, Kris has 30 years experience of teaching ice and inline skaters of all ages and skating disciplines.  

Krista Heubusch, Examiner, USA

Krista hasĀ been teaching inline skating since 1992 and hasĀ been an examiner certifying instructors around the world since 1993. Krista believes that inline skating changed she is veryĀ passionate about the sport and loves sharing her knowledge with students. For over 25 years Krista has been the director of Skater's Quest skate school in Washington, DC metroĀ  area and just celebrated the 20th year as race director for the popular "Skate of the Union" inlineĀ speed skating race

Mike Tang, Examiner, Singapore

Skating was on my bucket list. I learned skating from a professional skate school that adopts ICP program as their teaching model. Within a month, with tons of encouragement from the instructors, I went for the ICP program to 'clean' up my skating skill. I barely passed. But I got in. Into the ICP program which I never knew that I could apply the ICP methodology to so many things. With that, not only did I achieve more in skating; I benefit more in my actual working environment. I was headhunted to a MNC and move into middle management. ICP has help and continue to grow me till now. I am doing what I can to share more about ICP now. Hope all of you can benefit what I have gain and see a deeper part of ICP that many thought is a 'skating' instructor program.

Asha Kirby, Examiner, UK

Asha took her Level 1 certification with ICP in 1999 and later completed levels 2, 3 and has been an Examiner since 2004.

Asha is the Founder of and Principle Instructor at Skatefresh skate school in the UK & online and has been teaching for over 20 years. Since 2004 Asha has been an Examiner with ICP and has certified hundreds of new and existing instructors  in the UK, Slovenia, Spain and Brazil. Asha has created an extensive range of online video training courses for inline & roller skaters who have no instructor where they live.

She's been employed by the BBC (Skate Nation) and Disney (Soy Luna). Asha lives in Brighton, UK. She continues to travel and teach both in person and online. Asha speaks Spanish & Portuguese and practices yoga. 


Katina Salafatinos, Examiner, Greece

Tina has been teaching inline skating since 1991 and training fitness professionals to become instructors since the 90’s.  Success as an elite-level competitive inline speed skater, various National Skate patrol efforts from examiner to government liason, and an ability to teach large groups have been the foundation for her accomplishments in the skating industry. She was one of the first law enforcement skate trainers, having trained the Miami Beach police department's cycling patrol to inline skate and assisted in creating the standard operating procedures for inline skating patrols. Tina is also proudly one of the founding organizers of the Great EsSkate now called Skater Migration in South Beach, Florida.
Most dear to her heart is the honor of certifying the first inline skating instructors in the country of Greece. Living between Miami Beach and Greece, today Tina participates in the continued growth of the sport.


Mauraid Kavanagh,Ā  Examiner Poland

An educator who instructs individual and group classes in English and Polish. Teaching adults and children the basics of skating so they can safely get around. Regularly attends sports camps as a camp counselor and inline skating instructor.

Sofia Carreras, Examiner Spain/Argentina

Sofia isĀ fromĀ Argentina but has lived in Spain for 20 years. Her journey with the Inline Certification Program (ICP) began in Barcelona in 2014, marking the beginning of a journey without breaks. Thanks to the ICP,Ā Sofi feels that she has acquired a wide repertoire of teaching tools, which has been fundamental inĀ her professional development on and off skates.Ā Sofi has been a Rollerblade ambassador for over a decade, having had the privilege of exploring the world on wheels, connecting with passionate people, opening stores and establishing my own skating school. Sofi believes that the knowledge gained through the ICP has been invaluableĀ and is deeply grateful for the opportunity for growth that this certification has givenĀ herĀ and allowing herĀ to shareĀ her passion for inline skating with other enthusiasts around the world.

Tomy Sugiarto, Examiner, Indonesia


Natalia Santamaria, Examiner, Spain

Luara Carvalho, Examiner, Brazil