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Earn Extra $$$ Become an ICP Affiliate

The ICP is Pleased to Announce the ICP Affiliate Program

All ICP instructors past, present and future have the chance to EARN $$$ when referring someone to the Level 1 Online Certification.

  • EARN 5% of¬†Purchase Price for each Level 1 Referral¬†(up to 18.75 USD)¬†for all¬†ICP & Skating Industry Supporters.
  • EARN 10% of Purchase Price for each Level 1 Referral¬†(up to $37.50 USD)¬†for all ICP Instructors Current¬†with¬†calendar year¬†ICP Annual Registration
  • EARN 15% of the Purchase Price for each Level 1 Referral¬†(up to $56.25)¬†for all ¬†ICP Recognized International Skate Schools¬†in good standing.

Sign Up is Easy! All you need is an Active Email & Paypal account

1. Click here to become an ICP Affiliate. (See Frequently Asked Questions below)

2. Create an Account for the ICP Affiliate Portal where you will find your personal ICP Affiliate link to share and Start Earning Money Today!

3. Share your ICP Affiliate Link via email, social media, through your website, etc. This links track all referrals so you can receive credit for any Level 1 Online referral.**

Frequently Asked Questions