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The ICP has certified thousands of inline skating instructors all over the world including North America, South America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, etc.  Our Hosts have found that certified instruction is the best way to build a foundation of safe fun inline skating anywhere.

The International Host Program offers certification programs at a flat rate* per program for a designated number of students.  This fee covers the candidates registration with the ICP, website listing, educational resources on our website, e-newsletters, and instructor referrals they receive as well as all of the related costs for producing the program.  As a Host you will provide the site and classroom space required for the course. The program operates with one Examiner for every 12 candidates.

This type of set up allows for maximum flexibility for the Host and makes the program per candidate price many times less than the fee for traveling to a program outside your country.

We have ICP Examiners that speak a variety of languages located in countries throughout the world. In cases where there is not an examiner available that speaks the local language we suggest one translator per Examiner group.

Once you have identified an approximate number of candidates, a secured location (See “Host Test Site Requirements” below) and date, we can begin to make arrangements, as well as provide you with more details.

*The host may be required to pay additional fees for travel, lodging, and meals for the ICP Examiners.

We look forward to the possibility of joining you in bringing inline skating to your country!

Host Test Site Location Requirements

Meeting Room

Meeting room must be available at the following times:

  • First 3 hours of program  (Registration and Instructional Theory)
  • 1.5 hours on the last day for Written test
  • The last 1.5 hours for Graduation

Meeting room must include:

  • Tables to seat approximate number of participants
  • Two separate meeting rooms must be provided when running Level 1 & 2 programs concurrently.

Skating and Testing Site

Skating area must be available at the following times:

  • 8 hours for Field Instruction (between Instructional Theory and Written Test)
  • 8 hours for Skating Skills Exam and Practical Exam (between Written Test and Graduation).

Skating area must have:

  • Smooth skating surface
  • Relatively quiet environment
  • Covered skating area for rain backup
  • Access to restrooms


  • Meeting Room (Registration and Instructional Theory): 3 hrs
  • Skating Site (Field Instruction): 8 hrs
  • Meeting Room (Written Test): 1.5 hrs
  • Skating Site (Skating Skills and Practical Exams): 8 hrs
  • Meeting Room/Quiet Space (Graduation): 1.5 hrs





You will be recognized as a leader in the community, with a staff of trained professionals with the knowledge and skill to speak for the sport!

  • You will receive a Lesson Planner to help you get started on a solid foundation.  Offering inline lessons with a Certified Instructor can generate additional income while creating loyal customers who will bring their friends!
  • Local skaters can sign up to be certified at your store, increasing store traffic!
  • You will create a pool of local Certified Instructors, in addition to your staff, who will be available to teach for you at store events and promotions, and can funnel business your way!
  • Your staff of certified instructors carry professional liability insurance and are trained to teach a worldwide skill building curriculum that has proven to effectively increase skills and consumers use of protective equipment-more skills, more gear, more fun, more sales!

How Can a Lesson Program Benefit You?

1)  Offering Lessons will Increase Gear Sales

Your customers will be more likely to purchase full protective gear, when encouraged to do so and educated on it’s use and benefits by a Certified Instructor.

2)  Offering Lessons will Increase Skate Sales

An inline retailer can experience a 60% increase in sales of skates to rental customers if the customers are involved in a Lesson Program with a Certified Instructor.

3)  Offering Lessons will increase Skate Accessory Sales

Skaters taking lessons from a Certified Instructor, are skating more, increasing there skills and becoming interested in upgrades, sport specific merchandise and accessories.

4)  Offering Lessons will increase Customer Loyalty

Your customers will see your store as a service center with a genuine interest in their fun and progress.  By returning to your store for lessons, the customer will establish a relationship with the store, and likely bring and send their friends!

5)  Offering Lessons can Generate Additional Income.

Offering a Lesson Program with Certified Instructors involves very little overhead.  You will be serving your customers, providing a fun, safe learning environment and social opportunity for very little cost.

6)  Offering Lessons will do Service to Your Community

In addition to reducing the risk of injury by educating your customers, you’ll be contributing to the positive influence of skating in your community.  Keeping access to skaters safe and open. Your part in educating skaters will add to the growth and stability of the sport that feeds your store.