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Retest Policy

If a candidate fails a certification program and wishes to re-test he/she must retake the module(s)within 6 months of the certification program or retake the entire program.  There are two retest options:

1)  Retest at a "In-Person" Program Site:

  • Candidate must contact the ICP 1 month in advance.
  • Exam Day Only:  $100.00 USD
  • Full program:  $300.00 USD

2)  Individual Retest (in Person or through ICP Digital Learning Platform):

  • Contact the ICP Office at [email protected] to schedule an “In-Person retest” with an ICP Examiner OR arrange skating skill submissions or practical teaching exam via the ICP digital learning platform.
  • $75 USD fee (per section retested) or $175 USD for all sections is paid to the ICP via Paypal.  An invoice for payment will be issued.
  • For “In-Person” retests, the Examiner will submit the new scorecard to the ICP office.
  • Website listing will take effect once the Examiner notifies the ICP office and/or the video retest is reviewed. Certificate of completion will be forthcoming.

Refund Policy

  • Requests to cancel a registration for an ICP program or workshop or transfer to another ICP program or workshop site must be sent via email to the ICP office at [email protected].  All requests must be received prior to the start of the date of the course or workshop.
  • Cancelation or program transfers requests made less than 1 month prior to program or workshop are charged 50% (minimum $75) of the original course or workshop fee.
  • If certification program is canceled due to low enrollment, candidate is entitled to a full refund minus $75 if course was accessed or they can receive full program credit which can be applied to a future program within 2 calendar years from the original program date.  
  • Transfer or cancellation requests emailed on the first day of the course or workshop will not be honored, and no money will be refunded.
  • No refunds are given for candidates who have taken a certification course in its entirety, regardless of passing outcome.