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ICP Level 3 Certification Program Details

The principal aim of Level 3 is to prepare instructor candidates for a professional career in the inline skating industry. The ideal candidate is an experienced Level 2 ICP certified instructor who is looking to further develop their capacity as a teacher while expanding or starting their own inline skating school. 

Emphasis is placed on training course participants in “teaching-to-teach” by further developing their understanding of teaching methodology and skill development relative to inline skating. This indepth exploration will give them the "eye" and experience to train other instructors, and in the process, become better instructors themselves. All candidates will have the opportunity to learn the basics of various skating disciplines, simple marketing initiatives to promote their school, and develop their own skate school curriculum based on personal strengths as well as local needs and interests. 

Candidates who successfully complete this course may be invited to enter our Apprentice Examiner Program

Activities, Workshops & Lecturers will include the following*:

  • Technical understanding and mechanics of inline skating
  • Detection and correction of common errors in skating
  • Mini sessions in Working with Children/Snowskates/Dance / Fitness / Slalom / Speed/ Hockey/ Figure/Street
  • Basic principals of anatomy and physiology related to skating
  • VIdeo analysis of Level 1 & Level 2 Skating Skills
  • Peer teaching and evaluations
  • Developing a skate school curriculum
  • Skate school marketing
  • Building a skating community

*These offerings are subject to change based on the specialties of the individual examiners and the expressed interests of the collective candidate group.  

Level 2 skating skills are used in studying the in-depth aspects of skating instruction. Skating and teaching proficiency is expected in all Level 1 & Level 2 skills as well as the "additional" skills from Level 2 (See below).  For the practical teaching assessment any skill from Level 1 or Level 2 may be tested and a high level of performance is expected.

Level 3 Skating Skills

  • Backward Crossovers*
  • Backward Slalom
  • Forward One Foot Slalom
  • Forward Inside Edge Three-turn*
  • Forward Outside Edge Three-turn*
  • Continuous Two Foot Transition
  • Backward Mohawk
  • 180 Jump
  • Sequences Involving Any Required Skills
  • Edge Stop