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ICP Skate Aid International

The ICP supports all instructor candidates in emerging and economically challenged skating markets with sliding scale program fees of up to 60% off to allow them the opportunity to attend our in person certification programs. In addition to this discount, for 2023 the ICP is delighted to offer additional partial and full scholarships to individual instructor candidates for the Level 1 Online Certification through the ICP Scholarship Program.

The Skate Aid International initiative is a way for instructors, current and past, as well as skating advocates to support the efforts of the ICP in "Teaching the World to Skate." by supplementing programming fees and supporting instructor candidates who need financial assistance to be able to attend a program.

Over the last 10 years, in spite of fluctuations in the skating industry, economic unrest in many parts of the world and a subsequent loss of funding and fees from programs, sponsors and instructors, the ICP has maintained the highest level of integrity and professionalism in all aspects of the program.

Through a professional and interactive web and social media presence, new in-person and online programming, as well as establishing a presence in emerging skating markets, etc. the ICP continues to be recognized as the benchmark of skating certifications world-wide. To accomplish this task and ensure the viability of the program for years to come, much of the administration, program development and program execution, has been done for little or no compensation with administration and examiners often working for "expenses only" or for a nominal fee for their time. 

With the above in mind and keeping in the spirit of "Teaching the World to Skate," we humbly ask current and formerly active instructors, as well as skaters and industry members, to consider donating to the ICP's Skate Aid International initiative thus giving instructor candidates around the world the opportunity to attend programming that otherwise would be cost prohibitive.

Contribution amounts are set for $15USD, $30USD, $50USD or "Any Amount" with all being very much appreciated and can be a one time or monthly contribution.  Please note that all funds collected will be kept in a separate account and will solely be used to subsidize programming in econmically challenged skating markets and for candidate scholarships.

If the Inline Certification Program has helped boost your confidence as a skating instructor, given you the motivation and credibility to start your own skating business, or has been a positive part of your life in some way, please consider giving to ICP Skate Aid International initiative.* 

*Please note that the ICP is not a tax exempt organization and your gift may not be tax deductable.

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