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Andrea James, Brisbane, Australia
Online Level 1 September 2020

"I thoroughly recommend the Level 1 Online Certification.  It breaks down the learning sequence of skills for beginners, so that their initial attempts result in success, and gives them a great foundation for further skills development.  Prior to the course, I had years of experience skating and teaching (in other fields), however I struggled to teach others my skating skills.  Now I have a lot more confidence due to the ICP teaching model.

I enjoyed the combination of Zoom sessions and self-video sessions.  The Zoom sessions allowed for discussion with the examiners and other candidates, everyone was extremely helpful and supportive and we were able to get some great teaching ideas.  The self-video sessions really allowed me to have some time for self-assessment of my skills.  By the end of the course, I knew the teaching manual back-to-front, it is a very helpful resource."

Alessanrda Barbosa, São Paulo, Brazil
S√£o Paulo 7-9 November 2015

"Adoro experiencias dificeis , adoro ser colocada em meu limite praconseguir meu objetivo , talves se Fosse facil conquistar meu diploma do ICP, eu NãO teria dado tanto valor no resultado !

- I love challenging experiences and to put myself at the edge of my limits in order to achieve a goal. If passing the ICP course had been easy perhaps I would not have put so much value in the result.

O Curso ICP me fez ter certeza do que quero pra mim de hoje em diante! Me fez ver o quanto um instrutor de patinacao e valioso diante um patinador iniciante.
- The ICP course made me sure what I want to do with my life from here. It made me see how valuable an instructor is for a beginner skater.

Vi no primeiro dia do Curso pessoas indo em busca de um diploma, Depois vi no Domingo pessoas Apaixonadas por ensinar !!!
-On the first day I saw people chasing a diploma. At the end of the Sunday I saw people falling in love with teaching itself.

Aprender com quem ama ensinar, com quem ama patinar, foi finalmente se sentir acolhido e NãO querer sair Dali nem um minuto!
- To learn skating from someone who loves teaching and who loves skating made me feel welcomed like never before and I never wanted to leave."

Edison Lim, Singapore
Singapore 28-30 August 2015

Through the ICP programme, I have learnt a great deal of knowledge and insight into the world of inline-skating. This programme has equipped me with the skills and techniques in imparting the basics of skating to potential learners. It has also instilled in me the inculcation of good skating fundamentals in a fun and interactive manner that intrigues both young and old without compromising safety.

The steps and advice that Mr Moon, our examiner and instructor, had shared with us over the course of the 2 and a half days of teaching and examining has been invaluable. Through his detailed explanations and analysis of simple everyday skating skills, I got to see the technical and mechanical aspects of skating and how it influences and enhances the skating experience. He had also guided us in correcting my errors in skating as well, which could have a negative influence if it were to be wrongly taught to future students.

I also learnt to modify the skills, whether to break them down or to combine them, so as to accommodate the various learning paces of different students. In the midst of all the training and preparation, it was nice to meet fellow skaters who shared the same vision as me in wanting to spread the word of inline-skating and the pleasure that comes with it.

If you have a passion for skating and you’d like to spread the joy that skating brings to people, this should be the course to start from, as there isn’t another platform that will better equip you to pursue this passion than the ICP programme.

University Student Kok Mun Jun, Singapore
Singapore 28-30 August 2015

I have found the 3 day Level 1 Inline Certification Program (ICP) to be very informative and has brought my understanding of inline skating to a greater height. What made the program better was our friendly examiner, Mr Moon Ji-Wook, who is very effective in his delivery. He has shown us that a great instructor can transcend the language barrier to ensure that a student is able to learn well. I would highly encourage any skater who wants to bring their teaching to a higher and more structured level to join the ICP.

Khadijeh Daghigh, Iran
Singapore 28-30 August 2015

Very Dear Mr. Moon, 

I have learned a lots of things from your excellet and wonderful personality during my stay in Singapore. From the first moment of my return to my country , every single second and every minute, I remember all of your kindnesses , your patience  (PATIENCE !) OK your patience , because enduring a stupid and adult student which understand so late is very hard task.

But the course was very Great and wonderful for me. This is one of the best Gifts of my life, participating in your course and teaching skating skills from you.

A Unique and GREAT Coach, teacher, trainer and a speciallized and wonderful skating instructor .

Thank you again and again.
Lots, lots and lots of thanks.

Shannon Ko, Singapore
Singapore 28-30 August 2015

"The ICP program was an enriching experience and provided valuable insight on the high standards expected of ICP certified candidates. Moon was an incredibly patient examiner who facilitated the program professionally and made the program all the more enjoyable and memorable. "

Thank you for making the whole experience so much more fun and memorable!

Sudhanshu Duggal, Singapore
Singapore 2014

Thank you so much for conducing wonderful Level 1 exam last week here in Singapore. I really appreciate your time and coaching over the 3 day period to enable me to improve my inline skating knowledge and skills. I would like to express my sincere thanks and also share a short summary of keyexercises I was able to learn and teach to the participants in the document attached herewith. As they say teaching is the best form of learning, I do hope to continue the practice the STUMP model from Madeline Hunter as well as the skills I learnt preparing for this certification by teaching others.

You are doing great service by enabling and propagating the right standards and benchmarks to inculcate professional best practices and standards across instructors and schools globally. I hope to keep in touch and contribute back to the sport using this opportunity. Thanks for certifying me as a level 1 instructor and I will stay connected.


Tony Richardson, United Kingdom
London October 2012

I came to skating late at 49 and had been skating for 3 years when someone suggested I take my ICP. I enjoyed sharing my love of skating with others and as other people considered me a competent skater they were often asking for advice. I would offer support and guidance without really understanding what they needed. Looking back I often heard myself saying 'you just do this' followed by a poor demonstration of whatever they were asking for help with. I'd then be puzzled as to why they didn't appear to benefit or develop their skating.

ICP training soon heloed me understand that people need to learn in different ways and need good demonstrations with skills broken into stages so they can develop skills exponentially tailored to their own learning styles. ICP has helped me perfect my own skating and devlop the confidence and ability to share the skills I have with others.

The course was excellently structured and offered me the opportunity to test out my instuctor and teaching methods. Knowledge and experience was shared in an open way which assisted all participants to get the most out of the course.

Asha was a constant source of guidance and support and her infectious love of sharing her love of skating helped inspire myself and others to complete the course and gain my ICP Level 1.

I'd recommend undertaking ICP training to anyone, whether they wish to develop their own skills and knowledge or are looking to assist ithers into the fantastic world of skating.

Take the plunge. You won't regret it