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2018 Year & Review & Annual Registration

Jan 14, 2019

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ICP 2018 Year in Review 

In 2018 we certified more than 150 instructors on the pavement and even the snow with our new sister program the Snowskate Certification Program (SCP). Please click on the video below to see some highlights of our efforts and outreach this year.

Year in Review

Congratulations to all those newly certified in 2018 and  thank you to the ICP examiners and course coordinators for your efforts in making 2018 our

27th consequitive year of "Teaching the World to Skate"!



Maintaining Global Instructor Directory & ICP "Active Instructor" Status in 2019

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To maintain the benefits of certification, a ICP Global Directory listing and your “Active Instructor” status, 2019 Annual Registration is NOW DUE* for ALL instructors & Examiners. 

The are many "Benefits of being "ICP Certified"  including access to the Instructor Only resource page where you will find discount codes for 40% off Rollerblade Brand Skates, 20% on Sled Dog Snowskates, eLearning discounts, lesson plans and much more!

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Registration for 2019 is $60 USD until 31 December. Save $$$ and time by registering for up two (2) years!** 

You can access the annual registration page by logging into Your Account where you can also update your personal profile for the Global Instructor Directory. 

*This does not apply to Instructors who paid for multiple years in 2018 and those who were newly certified in 2018. You can check your "Active Instructor" and registration status by logging into Your Account.
**After December 31st, ICP Annual Registration will increase to $75 USD. For those current with ICP Annual Registration but who would like to join Skate IA, please see "Skate IA Benefits & Registration Details" for payment information.

 ICP Partners with Skate Instructor Association (Skate IA) for 2019!

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The ICP is thrilled to partner with the Skate Instructors Association (SkateIA) to offer a seamless opportunity for current and future certified skate instructors worldwide to share resources and opportunities.

Skate IA Benefits & Registration Details


The Snowskates Certification Program (SCP) 

Teaching the World to the Snow!

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The Snowskates Certification Program (SCP) is the sister-program of the world’s most established and respected authority for inline skate instruction, the Inline Certification Program (ICP)

Starting in 2016, with the assistance and expertise of certified ski, snowboard and skating instructors and as well as the support of Sled Dogs Snowskates, the SCP was developed with the goal of providing the same rigorous consistency and quality of instruction for snowskates instructors and this new sport as the ICP did for inline skating. In 2017, the SCP was officially launched in Pyeongchang, South Korea and Harbin, China. In the summer of 2018, in Milton Keynes UK, prior to world-wide roll out of the program, the SCP conducted it’s first “international” instructor training program with instructors and snowskates athletes from 8 countries participating.

Altenberg Big Group

SCP in Altenberg, Germany 16 & 17 December, 2018

by Natalia Santamaria, ICP/SCP Examiner

After spending time in South Korea the previous week conducting snowskating demonstrations and watching the amazing snowskate athletes surf the slopes of Pyeongchang in Sled Dogs Snowskates, I was excited to make my way to Germany to do more of the same! Our second Snowskate Certification Program (read more)


Thank you to all those who continue to maintain your ICP Annual Registration  year after year.  These dues go toward the maintenance of our website, eLearning platform,  and subsidize programming in emerging skating markets, etc. ensuring that the ICP remains a visible, credible,  and viable premiere skating program world-wide.  

You are an integral part of the ICP and are helping to make the world a healthier, happier, and safer place to skate, one skater at a time.


Wishing you all the best in 2019 and beyond!

Kris Fondran, ICP Director & The ICP World-Wide Team!

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