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A Daily Skater

instructors Mar 22, 2023


Meet Franc, an 80-year-old skater who lives in Portoroz, Slovenia with his wife Wilma. Franc passed his level 1 in 1999 and was instrumental in bringing the ICP to Slovenia during the early 2000s.

Since then, ICP Director Kris Fondran and Franc have developed a special bond over skating and her own Slovenian roots. Thanks to Franc and Wilma’s hospitality Kris, her friends and family have been able to spend time skating on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.


Franc, whose aim is to skate every day of the year, has only missed 3 days so far (counting up to day 319) ! He says he meets interesting people, not only locals but also from around the world which motivates him to get up and skate around 8km ( approx. 5 miles) every day from one coastal town to the other.

Those lucky enough to live in Slovenia can meet Franc skating in the city of Piran and those a little further afield, can try to catch him on Tartina Square live cam as he makes his rounds through this famous spot.


Recently Franc's passion for skating was featured on a local news channel and you can watch the video of him discussing his skating regime (in Slovenian) as well as proudly promoting the ICP! Click here to watch

Thank you Franc for all you do to promote the health benefits of skating by being an amazing example of health and wellness as you make it a priority to be active nearly every day. Your dedication to safe instruction and the ICP is also something to be commended and we are thankful for all you do to promote the sport!

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