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Another Successful Slalom Program!

Apr 20, 2011

The ICP held the 3rd Slalom Certification 15-17 April, 2011 in London, England where ICP Examiner Naomi Grigg ushered in 3 newly qualified Slalom instructors!

Quentin Silvand (ICP Level 2) got slalom certified to add slalom to his skating-improvement tools.   International slalom competitor Ann Marie Philip, who represents the UK and participated in the 2010 World Championships was also certified.  And Natalie Ujuk from Australia, also an international slalom competitor and the highest ranked Australian slalom skater in the World Rankings, also joined the ICP certified ranks.

The ICP slalom program was created in 2010 to further the development and standardization of slalom skating instruction world-wide.  For a listing of skating skill requirements as well as videos of required skills please visit the ICP site

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