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Athens, Greece ICP Level 1 28-30 March 2014

Apr 07, 2014

In 2007 Tina Salafatinos ICP Examiner from Miami Beach-USA and Kalamata-Greece certified the very first group of inline skating instructors in Greece with the help of the United Skate Schools Group. Since that time this small group grew the skating community and industry in this country to one that warranted a new wave of Level 1 instructors.

ICP Level 1 Instructor John Kousparis, host of the certification, is also the Rollerblade representative for Greece and owner of Athlopaidia Sporting Goods   He is one of the first instructors in the country and began his Apprentice Examiner (AE) training with this certification.   John is also the founder of Othisi Skate Club and Team which is responsible for bringing skaters together from all over Greece to share their love of inline skating.  They have their own FNS (Friday Night Sktate) and sponsor and create promotional events that create fun and awareness of skating.

Tina has been on board encouraging safe skating education from the beginning and has consulted along the way, “I’m so proud of the progress and growth despite the economic crisis.  John’s organization, support and countless hours of assistance resulted in a professional, rewarding and successful program.”

Skaters came from Thesaloniki, Agrinio, Athens and Korinthos.  Most of the skaters are members of the Othisi Club and came in to the program with the intention of solidifying their skills and teaching abilities.  All of the skaters knew each other and were supportive and focused throughout training.  Testing; written and practical, were in English although Greek is the first language for all.  We have John to thank for arranging the manual translation to Greek which is a work in progress.  Remaining materials are being translated and Level 2 will be next.  We hope to present future programs in Greek as we make progress and when John completes his Examiner Training.

John along with some of the other new instructors are working on expanding the Othisi Club to other areas of Athens and the group continues to train together and participate in events including the famed Berlin Marathon in September 2014  and the LeMans 24 Hours of Skating coming up end of June 2014.

As is always the case with a Level 1, the thrill of learning more than expected, the reward of achievement and the excitement to share newfound skills was evident.  An ICP Level 2 program is now in the works and already the 11 new Level 1 candidates just certified are excited and anticipating their Level 2 experience!


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