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Barcelona-One of the Best Skate Scenes in the World!

certification program Nov 13, 2019


By ICP Examiner Natalia Santamaria (Spain)

Spanish translation below

Barcelona is one of the best cities to skate in the whole world. Nice weather, smooth surfaces, skater friendly, one of the best Friday Night Skates, skate parks… what else can you ask for? It is no wonder that many pro-riders on the free skating scene choose to live in Barcelona.

So being back to Barcelona with an ICP Program in October is becoming a tradition. For this past program held 11-13 October, we had Roller Grind 360 and Txema, the owner, as our hosts.

Rollergrind 360 is a completely new concept of shop. You will not only find all you need for you skates but you will also find a family. It's amazing to experiment the feeling of being at home the minute you walk through the door. There are kids who come to say hello to their teachers illuminating the space with their big smiles, skaters who drop by to check the latest novelties, some come by to find out when the next group skate is happening, others to have their skates serviced, and many just stop by to find some fellow skaters. With more than 400 kids on taking lessons in the skate school and hundreds of adults in their weekly classes, Rollergrind360 is definitely doing things in a way that is different and successful.

For this course, 10 of the Rollergrind360 instructors decided to accept the challenge and become "ICP certified". They were joined in the challenge by 7 more candidates coming from Croatia, UK, Italy, France, Segovia and Orense.

The weekend started this time a bit earlier than usual, because we had a Sliding Workshop lead by ICP Instructor and Industry Liaison Natan Lakanishok from Swiss roller school delivering a workshop that will soon be available in through the ICP eLearning platform. Starting from the basic sliding concepts, we built up skills which slowly took us to the start of the party, the parallel slide. This is one of the skills everybody wants! It was a great way to start off the weekend and we were pleased to be able to bring Natan in to showcase this exciting part of our sport.

Group Skills Session

The Friday skating and theory session were full of "aha moments", when instructors made the connections between skating a skill and teaching it. It is often that spark of recognition that happens when you realize how things can be done differently, or how a skill can be broken in steps that will help your students learn faster and safer in a way that you had not considered before.

Peer Teaching

We had a very interesting mix among our candidates. Each one unique and inspiring.

From the amazing experience of Johann, who recently traveled from Madrid, Spain to Dakar, Senegal by skates to bring the experience of skating to children with different abililties (check his website to know more about it (;Pablo Soler prorider of Powerslide, who is in love with downhill or Simona, from Croatia who wants to bring the joy of skating to her city; Luca who wants to teach the children in his city; Javi, whose passion for inline hockey takes him to travel 80km to train, Sabela who joins the awesome team of RollerOurense; Paty, Julia, and Estel, the youngest of the group, with an innocence that infected us all; Victor, who fell in love with skating while trying to conquer the heart of Monica, the girl who loves skateparks with her quads; Nicola and his crazy moves; Bernat and theater; Charly who had a calming effect on all of us; Mario, with his smile and amazing ability to make those around him feel good;  Marcos and his intelligence, and to round out the group, the courageous SuperPatxti! All of us share a passion, spreading skating far and wide and teaching others so they can enjoy the freedom that comes with our sport.

Lesson Planning

Saturday and Sunday went smooth and fast, our students made an impressive effort and performed amazingly well. Again, the emotions that we live during Sunday create strong bonds, which will last a lifetime. I always say the level 1 is a life changing experience, which gives instructors a new perspective, new teaching methods, new progressions.

The initial list of ICP program dates for 2020 are listed on the ICP website. Get your calendar. Change your life!


Barcelona es una de las mejores ciudades para patina de todo el mundo, un tiempo agradable, superficies lisas, abierta a los patines, una de las mejores Friday Night Skates, skateparks, ¿Qué más se puede pedir? No es sorprendente que muchos pro-riders en la escena del freeskate eligen Barcelona para vivir…

Volver a Barcelona con ICP en Octubre se está convirtiendo en una tradición, esta vez nuestros anfitriones fueron Rollergrind360 y Txema, su alma mater.  Rollergrind 360 es un concepto completamente nuevo de tienda, no solo encontraras todo lo que necesitas para tus patines, encontrarás una familia,.. Es sorprendente experimentar la sensación sentirte en casa desde el minuto en el que entras por la puerta, los niños vienen a decir hola a sus profes iluminando la tienda con sus sonrisas, patinadores que se pasan para ver las últimas novedades, saber cuándo es la próxima ruta, comprobar cómo están sus patines, o simplemente para ver a sus amigos patinadores.

Con más de 400 niños en su escuela, cientos de adultos en sus clases semanales, Rollergrind360 está definitivamente hacienda las cosas de una forma diferente y exitosa. Esta vez 10 de los instructores de Rollergrind360 decidieron aceptar el reto y convertirse en instructores certificados ICP, y se les unieron 7 instructores más venidos de Croacia, UK, Italia, Francia, Segovia y Orense.

El fin de semana empezó más pronto de lo habitual porque teníamos un taller de derrapes liderados por Natan Lakonishok de la Swissroller School, un taller que pronto estará disponible en nuestra plataforma de e-learning. Empezamos con los conceptos básicos de derrape, construyendo las habilidades que despacito nos llevaron hasta la estrella de la fiesta, el derrape paralelo. ¡Una de las habilidades que todo el mundo quiere tener!

La sesión de patinaje y de teoría del viernes estuvieron llenos de momentos aha, esos momentos cuando los instructores hacen las conexiones, esa chispita de reconocimiento que ocurre cuando te das cuenta de que las cosas se pueden hacer de forma diferente, o como una técnica se puede descomponer en pequeños pasos que ayudaran a los alumnos a aprender más rápido y más seguro.

Teníamos una interesante mezcla entre nuestros candidatos, desde la increíble experiencia de Johann que  viajo de Madrid a Dakar en patines para llevar la experiencia de patinar a niños con habilidades diferentes en Dakar, (puedes leer su apasionante aventura en o Pablo Soler, prorider de powerslide, que está enamorado del downhill, Simona de Croacia que lo mismo que Luca de Italia quieren compartir la felicidad de los patines en sus ciudades, Javi un apasionado del hockey que tiene que recorrer casi 80km para entrenar, Sabela que se une al gran equipo de Roller Ourense, Paty, Julia y Estel, las benjaminas del grupo, con esa inocencia que nos contagió a todos, Mario y su sonrisa y esa habilidad para hacernos sentir bien a todos, Víctor, que se enamoró del patinaje mientras intentaba conquistar el corazón de Mónica, la chica que hace skate park con patines de quad, Nicola y sus locuras, Bernat y el teatro, Charly que nos tranquilizaba a todos, la inteligencia de Marcos y el coraje de SuperPatxi. Todos compartimos una pasión, contagiar el patinaje a otros, enseñar para que otros puedan sentir la libertad que sentimos al patinar.

El sábado y el domingo pasaron rápido y suavemente, los alumnos hicieron un esfuerzo admirable y lo hicieron realmente bien. Las emociones que se viven durante el domingo crean lazos fuertes que duran una vida entera. Siempre digo que el Nivel 1 es una experiencia que te cambia la vida, les da a los instructores una nueva perspectiva, nuevas formas de enseñar, nuevas progresiones….


Tenemos listas las fechas para los nuevos programas en 2020.. saca la agenda, y ¡cambia tu vida!



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