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instructors Jul 09, 2022


My name is Mauraid. I have recently joined ICP to help out as the Communications and Marketing Manager and as an Apprentice Examiner.

A little about me: I am an English teacher and linguist with a bachelor’s degree in Language Teaching and a master’s degree in Business Management currently living in Poland, originally from the UK.

I enjoy staying fit and active. Of course, I love inline skating in the summer but I also enjoy skiing in the winter and yoga all year round.

I have skated casually for over 10 years, but also a little as a child, and finally, the pandemic allowed me time to become a certified instructor with the ICP. Over the years, I have been involved in promoting and running preschool events, field trips, both language and sports camps, as well as my own language school. I am excited to be able to join my passion with my skills.

My aim and role: The methodology the ICP teaches is truly useful in many aspects of life not just the skating rink, which is why I believe it’s one of the best training programs you can go through and I believe skating is one of the best sports in the world! As many of you might agree, inline skating is a great sport with health and social benefits. The ICP has given me the opportunity to connect my skills with my passion and I hope to bring the ICP into the limelight it deserves!


What’s in it for you: Instructor highlights! My first project is to use social media to highlight you as an instructor. What I need from all of you is:

  • Name
  • A little about yourself, who you are, your passion, specialty, etc.
  • A photo (incl.: A helmet and preferably protectors)
  • Your handle/social media link
  • An active instructor account

You can send the information by email or in messages on Facebook or Instagram.

Once I have received this information, I will add it to our public Instagram and Facebook pages and I will be adding one a month (depending on interest).

I look forward to hearing from you


[email protected]

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