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Congratulations New Level 2 Instructors!

Mar 24, 2015

By ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby 


Burgos Level 2 March 2015

Back in Burgos, Spain for the first Level 2 course of the year with freezing temperatures but high enthusiasm and energy from the 9 candidates.

This is the first course EVER where the women outnumbered the men 6 to 3!  Candidates came from Burgos, Vitoria, Valladolid, Barcelona, Murcia, Caceres and Segovia, in short from all over Spain. It was very nice for once to not be outnumbered!

Everyone brought their teaching experiences since passing their Level 1 courses and as always on Level 2 we assume everyone is already teaching and using the ICP model. Level 2 moves into a deeper understanding of the harder intermediate level skills and how to correct more complex mistakes within a safe and still structured class. The importance of keeping students moving was stressed, so their learning is enhanced through skating with accurate corrections from the instructor based on sound technical knowledge. This process helped to improve the skate skills of all the instructors especially the aquasition of correct edges and upper body rotation that actually produces results!

There was much laughter among the stress and intensity helped by the fact several people in the course already know each other from previous courses. This created a very tightknit group and friendships that will last a long time. There was already talk of "who is coming to Level 3 in October?" 

It will be interesting to observe how these instructors embrace this next stage in their "instructor journey". For me passing level 2 was a huge eye opener and initiated my fascination with teaching and finding the true source of skaters' problems and habits.

I highly recommend Level 2 to any ICP1 instructor who wants to better serve their clients and enjoy their teaching even more. 

By ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby 






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