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España sigue a rodar y rodar y rodar… Spain continues to roll and roll and roll… by ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby

Jun 25, 2013

One hour on the high speed train north of Madrid is the city of Valladolid. This ICP level 1 course held on 31st May – 2nd June was hosted by Pablo Lopez, an ICP1 instructor who 5 years ago came to London and qualified and then set up his skate school Rolling Lemons   (  This is one of the most impressive and successful skate schools I have seen in years. Three of Pablo’s instructors participated in the ICP course, proving that the Rolling Lemons are expanding each year. They have a large number of adults and children in their school and very successful family classes. But it is their children’s internal skate school hockey, speed skating and slalom leagues which are most impressive. When these kids grow up they are going to make phenomenal skaters!

Like the Madrid ICP course the previous weekend, this Valladolid course was made up of participants who are already instructors working on their own or in established skate schools wanting certification. We had 2 representatives of Burgos skate school Pato Patin ( and 3 candidates from Galicia’s Sobre Ruedas School ( The Caceres skate school Ocho Ruedas ( also had one skater attending. Another candidate runs a skate shop in Burgos called ( So this course came packed with previous experience but not lacking in enthusiasm!

We were lucky enough to have use of Rolling Lemon’s indoor space which made for a concentrated atmosphere and no disruptions or interruptions with inclement weather. We did our theory sessions in the restaurant café of the nearby Carrefour supermarket and the results presentations in a deserted Mcdonalds!

I only had one morning after the course to recover before boarding a plane to Barcelona. The last time I visited, I nearly missed my flight from being late. This time we were so early that Pablo and Lorena and I spent time talking about our schools and watching his students’ videos. I so love supporting and observing and learning from other instructors doing what I do but doing it their way and doing it well.

Congratulations to all the Valladolid newly certified instructors! I look forward to hearing more about your skate schools in the next few years

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