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ICP Goes to China

certification program Oct 01, 2011

The Inline Certification Program made it’s way to China two weekends ago where ICP Examiners Emeline Tan, Mike Tang, and Apprentice Examiner Brent Tay certified 18 out  of 22 candidates. The program in Dongguan China was the ICP’s second program conducted in China, the first being a successful program in Beijing in 2007 sponsored by the companyRollerblade.  The Dongguan candidates represented provinces around the country and included seasoned skating instructors, skate club presidents, skate competition judges, skate business owners, university students, general skate enthusiasts.

From the Friday night presentation it was clear that this group came prepared and ready to learn.  The weekend was filled with “ah, ha” moments and the candidates improved their skating and teaching with every peer lesson taught.   At the graduation dinner many of the newly certified expressed their eagerness  to take what they learned back to their cities and provinces doing their part to bring safe and effective skating instruction to all parts of China.

Congratulations to all the newly certified instructors!

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