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ICP Is On A Roll in India

Sep 24, 2014

The ICP is pleased to announced that the first ICP instructors in Mumbai, India were certified Level 2 during a program held in Singapore July 13th-15th.   Ajay Shivlani and Dhiraj Utmani from Mumbai, India achieved their first ICP certification back in 1999 when they came to the United States to attend a Level 1 program in Miami, Florida.  Since they started skating in the late 1980′s they have been leaders in the skating industry and  own a successful skating school in Mumbai called Roll-O-Fit   In addition to their positive contribution to the skate industry through their skate school, Ajay and Dhiraj have gained notoriety throughout India for their extreme endurance skating efforts and for promoting AIDs awareness.

What Ajay and Dhiraj had to say about the July 13-15th program:

“Thank you so much for grinding and grounding us to become better skating instructors. We will always cherish this experience and will make sure to pass on the same code of conduct with the skating community.”

Ajay and Dhiraj have recently been joined by Level 1 Certified Instructors Jatin Sanghavi (Certified December 2010) and Prankaj Manihar(Certified in May 2012) who are also from India.

The ICP is looking forward to working with these inline skating pioneers as well as other skating enthusiasts throughout India to continue the ICP’s mission of promoting safe and effective inline skating instruction world-wide.


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