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ICP Level 1 London, UK May 2015

May 14, 2015
By ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby
ICP Level 1 London May 2015 

 I remember when ICP courses in London were 95% London skaters and very rarely someone from outside the capital. Over the last 6 years this demographic has changed as a reflection of the UK skate scene growing in other cities and regions.

This course had 7 skaters NOT from London but from Cambridge, Lewes, Eastbourne, Lancaster and Jersey We also had a skater come all the way from Lithuania where we are told skating is also growing fast!  This makes me so happy to see the spread of skating worldwide and each of these candidates are already teaching either formally in their own skate schools or informally within their own local skate groups.

Peer Teaching Static Exercise

I see ICP instructors as being the 'pioneers' for the sport, spreading their love and passion for wheels to those in their regions. With the ICP certification, they can do this more efficiently and feel more confident helping those who need it.

The forecast rain never arrived and we were rewarded with dry weather and even warm sunshine throughout Sunday. I somehow managed to skate and teach through a serious flu and fever (which was interesting at times when I felt light headed and couldn't see through streaming eyes).

Small Group Teaching Using Props

It will be interesting to hear about the growth of these skate communities and I look forward to welcoming the second generation of would-be instructors who come to ICP having been prepared by these candidates.  The more there are enthusiastic instructors teaching in a safe and effective manner, the more this sport will continue to grow and grow world-wide.




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