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ICP Rolls On In India

Aug 21, 2014

When teachers are ready to learn, their students are sure to excel.  

This was clearly visible in the ICP International-India 2014 Level 1 and 2 candidates. The first ever ICP level 1 program was conducted in India in 2013.  Since then, the skating instructors have applied ICP’s proven skill building methods along with providing ethical & effective coaching and, according to the instructors, the performance of their students has excelled as well.

We were pleased to see that the momentum created last year carried through to this year as there was a noticeable improvement across the board with skating and teaching proficiency at a new high.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of newly appointed Examiners Ajay Shivlani and Dhiraj Utmani, and Apprentice Examiners Jatin Sanghavi and Pankaj Manihar, this patch was fully prepared for the challenge ahead.  A special thanks to Rajesh Rao (Level 2) for organizing one of the skating sites and keeping us well fed, and for Bhoomi Patel for being the “go to girl” for just about everything!


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