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ICP SkateAid

Apr 14, 2014

As you might imagine, the ICP gets many requests for programing from skaters hoping to increase skating participation in their communities around the world.  In many cases, however, the socioeconomic situation is such that while there is a lot of enthusiasm, there is not always a lot of resources for, or access to,  good quality skates.  As most instructors know,  even the most motivated skater will not reach his or her potential if the skates are of poor quality. While skates don’t necessarily make the skater, at the earliest stages of instruction they certainly play a pivotal role in creating the skating experience.

With the above in mind, the ICP will be starting a “SkateAid” program where gently used skates will be distributed to fellow skaters around the world who may not have access to or the means to experience skating because there aren’t enough good quality skates available.

For those of you  who have been skating for years, or for those who own skate schools, it is likely that you can easily find in closets, storage units, etc. pairs of skates that are no longer being used and that are just collecting dust.   This is a shame as we all know that skates were born to roll!

In the coming months the ICP will be identifying SkateAid volunteers in various countries and regions to act as a repository for these skates.  These volunteers will collect the skates and ship them directly to  individuals around the world who have contacted the ICP in hopes to increase access to skates and skating in their respective countries.

A “donation” button has been added to our main site.  We are asking that all instructors donate a minimum of $5.00 toward this cause.  All monies collected will go directly to shipping and handling cost associated with getting the skates to those most in need.

We are asking that all skates donated be gently worn, in good working order, and are no more than 5 years old.  Wheels, bearings, skate gear (helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards) are also needed and will be accepted.

If you are interested donating skates or your time as a SkateAid Volunteer please contact the ICP office at [email protected].

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