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ICP Team Member Spotlight: Asha Kirkby, United Kingdom

examiners Nov 06, 2019

How much do you really know about Asha’s skate life?

Asha is a hard core technique geek whose smooth flow-inspired skating has motivated, guided and encouraged countless skaters over the last 2 decades to; "Skate Well, Feel Alive".

Asha found her first pair of quads skates in a rubbish bin on the street when she was 10 years old and quickly became an artistic quads figure skating champion, winning the UK "under 13s" at 12 years old. Little did she know that skating would become her career and life.

Asha UK Rollerskating Champion

She took her ICP Level 1 in September 1999 (and passed top of the group). With a friend "Skatefresh" was born. Skatefresh is now the longest running skate school in London offering inline and quad skating to adults and children of all ages and ability levels with a team of expert instructors.

Asha SP Groupo

The ICP professional development path led Asha to Level 2 and then Level 3 and Examiner Training which has made her one of the most active ICP Examiners. Over the last 15 years Asha has certified over 340 instructors world-wide.

BBC Skate Nation Asha Judge

In 2008, Asha appeared in BBC’s ‘Skate Nation’ as a coach and judge. In 2015 she was "Head of Coaching" for Disney’s ‘Soy Luna’ hit 300 episode skate series. She trained all the principal actors to skate and do skate dance in boot camp style trainings as well as via video courses and online analysis.

Soy Luna

In 2012 Asha started the first ‘Virtual Skate School’ with a series of Online Video Training Courses coming from the success of her YouTube Tutorials channel ‘Skatefresh Videos’.  These are the first professional video trainings in the world and are being used by hundreds of solo skaters and groups around the world who know that learning through trial and error is not the fastest, safest way to get where you want.

With the ICP as her foundation for teaching,  Asha was able to expand her love for skating into a life long career, encouraging her students and mentoring many other instructors and skate school owners so that we may all spread our love of skating far and wide.

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In 2018-19 Asha embarked on her ever extensive World Teaching Tour covering 5 continents and 17 cities, teaching to local skaters and running her successful trips with skaters joining her in different cities for touring and lessons.

Asha has no plans on stopping skating or teaching any time soon.   

She will very shortly release her long awaited “Yoga for Skaters” Online Course, for all the skaters who regularly ask her for pain management, injury, recovery and maintenance advice because of the “miraculous” way she has continued to skate and work with a serious hip injury. 

Next Up for Asha: Asha is finshing off her European summer season and preparing to go to Brazil for the winter and Australia where she will be conducting courses and trips through her company Skatefresh as well as delivering Level 1 Certifications in Sao Paulo, Brazil & Melbourne, Australia in 2020. 

Asha Helmet


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