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ICP Team Member Spotlight: Tomy Sugiarto, Indonesia

examiners Oct 22, 2019

Utomo Panjibuono Sugiarto (Tomy/Tom) ICP Certified Instructor, ICP Country Representative (Indonesia)

Tom started inline skating in junior high school and he was immediately hooked! His family got so into it and were so supportive with getting them both trained that he and his sister even competed on national levels in Indonesia landing them several podiums. 

Tomy Racing

After coming back from attending hotel school in Europe, Tom targeted a career that would help steer him into the skating business. He landed the perfect job at Putt-putt Golf jakarta. They had previously closed down an inline skate rental business at another location and had a big inventory of skates. Tom offered to help start a skate rent business on their premises and voilà, Tom had his first skate rental business! 

Tomy Teaching Early Years

Tom found out very quickly that finding people to help assist him was tough. Finding good quality teaching was even tougher. Long story short he got ICP Level 1 Certified in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2009. Coming home from the program he was inspired to take his business to a new level but he was at a loss on how to leverage his new certification. Nobody in Indonesia was familiar with the ICP or using the model to teach skating. His inline skating community had never even heard about the ICP.  But he new there was something to it and figuerd he had to start somewhere. So he just started.

Slowly but surely the foundations of ICP helped Tom grasp a better feel for a more professional skating culture. Clients started to notice that what he was doing worked and that he was making a positive contribution to the skating community. He then went on to: 

Start Dunia Inline Skate -  A skate track, rental and shop business concept at the prestigious Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (One of Indonesia’s most well known theme parks) 

Dunia Inline Skate

Train the Jakarta Metro Police on how to skate

Tomy Police Training

Host various skating events.

Tomy Events

Start his own youtube channel Dunia Inline Skate 

Tom Youtube

Host the first ICP Level 1 Program in Jakarta in 2013 

Jakarta 2013

Star and help manage in an ad campaign bridging the skating world and the production industry (Click on the photo below to see Tom in a Class Mild Menthol Ad!) 

Tomy Advertisement

And built a skate school brand that is currently an inline skate education provider for international schools, companies, the public and any professional project needing inline skate assistance.  

Rollerskool logo

Participants of his skate school have gone on to join clubs, competitions and have an awesome time in the inline skating industry. 

Keeping conscious that this would not be possible had it not been for ICP and the professional culture it brings. That is why Tom believes that in order for his business to continually grow, he needs ICP to grow just as much and that is why he has taken on the role as country representative and conduct ICP programs regularly.  

Tom Indonesia Prep Program Congrats

ICP Prep Group 2019

Tom says it is never an easy activity to push ICP forward. He has endured setbacks, losses and disappointments. But he takes it with a grain of salt. Just like in his racing days. It is not only about the wins, but what we can learn from the losses. Tom has learnt that for the Indonesian market tweaks had to be made, like the introduction of the ICP preparatory programs before the certification and the translation of the manuals into bahasa Indonesia. Now he has a whole team of internationally certified instructors helping him push the ICP culture forward.  

Rollerskool Jakarta, Indonesia

In a nutshell, Tom says he has brought the mechanics of the hotel industry to skating using the ICP manual.  In the Hotel and Restaurant world a manual has two functions; to be the standard and to be used as a training tool. Now, with his company PT.AMI he plans to take his inline skating business to new heights.

Future programs include making sure the "foundation programs" keep going and new programs are introduced.

The Foundation Programs include: 

  • #skatetalk - An open event where a speaker talks about a specific part of the skating world. 
  • Preparation programs - Getting more skaters ready to be internationally certified.
  • International Certification Program - Hosting the a full ICP Level 1
  • Better and stronger Sports Specific Programs such as speed.

Tom believes that ICP has built a strong foundation of basic teaching where now there is room for growth in the next progression. He believes that ICP is a concept that can be accepted as a vocational training program in many countries with the potential to bring non skaters in to be a part of the inline skating industry. Because of this, ICP has the potential to further explore materials and manuals which are sports specific naturally giving rooms of progression to the instructors, skaters and the industry. 

Hopefully in the near future ICP becomes the university of Rollersports. Becoming the education bank to help instructors, coaches and educators the world over.

Next Up for Tom?  Building on the "Foundation Programs" in Indonesia as stated above and getting ready for an amazing 2020!

ICP Prep Group Theory Indonesia


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