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Indonesia Welcomes ICP

Jun 21, 2013

by Apprentice Examiner Jon Wong

The ICP program in Jakarta, Indonesia was a wonderful experience for me, with this visit being my first ever in the country. As certified instructor of over 6 years as well as a first time apprentice examiner, it was meaningful to share my coaching experiences and methodologies with the local candidates. I was touched by their passion towards upgrading themselves and how much they value the certification and exposure to an internationally recognized program.

I am also very grateful to the kind hosting by Tomy Sugiarto owner of Dunia Inline Skate throughout our stay at Taman Mini Indah.  Taman Mini Indah,  which in English translates to “Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park,” is a culture-base recreation area located in East Jakarta.  The theme park is a tribute to Indonesian culture highlighting aspects of daily life in the 26 Indonesian provinces.  Considering our time in Indonesia was packed with the certification program, this was the perfect way to get a flavor of the entire country within a few steps from our skating venue!

The skating rink at Dunia Inline Skate was magnificent and perfect for speed skating and racing. Given that it was located within the theme park, it was the perfect place to garner the public’s attention and promote the sport.

It was great fun skating with the local children and even though we speak different languages, but we could understand each other through our skating. I enjoyed the way they tried to mimick our moves and determination to keep on trying.

I also enjoyed the pleasure of meeting some of the parents whose children are training under Dunia Inline Skate School. I was glad that I can play my part to share my knowledge with them, motivated by their keen interest in starting skating clubs for their children due to the lack of structure of inline education and development locally.

Overall, I was proud to be involved in this pioneer program in Jakarta and I look forward to being part of the continued development of the program throughout Indonesia!


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