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Infinite Skate Shop to Host 1st ICP in Mexico!

Apr 11, 2019

by ICP Instructor & Rollerblade Ambassador Sofi Carreras

My name is Sofia Carreras and I am originally from Rosario, Argentina but had lived for the most part, in Barcelona, Spain with my family since I was a teenager. 

Sofi with Sofi RB Poster

Many years ago I attended a skating event in Barcleona I  was given a pair of Rollerblade skates to try by some local Rollerblade representatives. I had been inline skating for a while but never on skates that were so comfortable and fast! After being on these skates I was definitely hooked on skating and began skating as often as I could for fun and to stay in shape. A few years later I was offered the opportunity to represent the Rollerblade brand as a brand ambassador and it opened up an entirely new career in skating for me!

In addition to skating for fun and for the fitness aspects I had always wanted to teach skating. While I have taught some swimming and fitness lessons I had no idea how to teach inline skating. It was just something that came pretty easy to me and I hadn’t given a lot of thought of how to break skills down for beginners. A friend recommended me to take the ICP Level 1 course. At the time,  I had no idea how much it would help me and how it would open my horizons within the world of skating.

Sofi & Natalia BCN L1

In 2017 I took the ICP Level 1 course in Barcelona with a great group of instructor candidates and ICP Examiner Natalia Santamaria. This course was a great decision and set me on my way to the next phase of my skating career-running a skate shop and developing a skate school!

Sofi Infinite Skate Shop with Skates

Currently I am running a new skate shop in Cancun, Mexico-Infinite Skate Shop.  Although we only opened  3 months ago we are already are doing pretty well as skating is increasing in popularity in Mexico! Working alongside Rollerblade distributor and shop owner Moiƛes Choya and I have a team at the shop that I have been training to sell inline skates and skating lessons and have begun to offer group classes through the shop.

Sofi Infinite Skate Shop

So it isn’t a surprise that I am so pleased to be a part of hosting the very first Level 1 course in Mexico June 14-16. ICP Director Kris Fondran will be joining me and my team as well as others who are coming from Mexico City and the surrounding area to be a part of this program.

I am very excited and grateful for all the things to come from hosting this program and helping to further grow the sport of inline skating in Mexico. The ICP has provided me with the confidence to teach a sport that I love to do and my advice to all those who can come is to take advantage of this opportunity.

Regards and See you at the ICP Level 1 in Cancun, Mexico 14-16 June!

Infinite Team


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