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Meet Newest ICP Examiner & Brazil Country Representative

examiners Jan 23, 2021

by ICP Examiner Luara Carvalho

My name is Luara Carvalho.  I was born in Belém-PA, which is in the north of Brazil near the Amazon forest and not as far from the rest of the world as some people think.  In Belém I attended physiotherapy college and in 2012 decided to move to São Paulo to do a postgraduate course in the in cardiorespiratory field and work in the hospital sector. In my leisure time I started skating as a way to balance out my time studying and to have some fun. At the time it never crossed my mind that one day skating would be my profession!

Luara Hospital

In 2014 while skating in Ibirapuera Park I met my husband, Dennis Tavres. He introduced me to this universe that is skating, and together we grew, built and learned about various things related to skating.

luara & Dennis

In 2015, after finishing the ICP Level 1 Certification with Asha Kirkby as my examiner, I thought to myself, "One day I want to be an an examiner like Asha!"  The time passed as I continued to work in a hospital and in parallel also ran a social skating project-Adreninline,  a skating website, a YouTube skating channel, and held skating events, of course, all of this with the help of several volunteers, and mainly with help from my husband Dennis Tavres!

Luara & Big Group of Kids

In 2017 after having a child I took ICP Level 2  and finished my second post-graduate degree in Exercise Physiology. In 2018 I decided to go to physical education college and study more and more about sport and skating.

Luara & Asha

In 2019 our skating team Adreninline, where there are more than 50 children and teenagers, were state speed skating champions for the first time.  I also had an athlete who participated in the world roller games in the donwhill division and was the first Brazilian to participate in this modality in this championship and placed 15 among almost 60 women. 

This is when when I realized that my commitment, my studies on skating and sport were going well and reaping important results.

Luara y Natalia Faro

That same year I went to Portugal to do the first phase of the apprentice examiner training, where I had an incredible experience with Natalia Santamaria from ICP Spain and also with everyone from the IceShow in Faro, Portugal. I learned a lot during that program. 

Faro Level 1

Finally, in 2020, when there were countless plans in my mind, the pandemic hit us but we managed, even facing some difficulties, to carry out one of the few world-wide in person courses during that year.  With the help of ICP Examiner Asha Kirkby (Skatefresh) and ICP Director Kris Fondran I had the chance to administer the course as an apprentice examiner and everything went very well. We really had a great group of instructors candidates!

L1 Sao Paolo 2020

SP Brazil L1 2020 Group

After 5 years, a wish that I thought might be impossible to fulfill, became real. Today I am the first ICP examiner in Brazil and Latin America! I am very grateful for that and I thank all the people who were part of this process and how they always believed in me and to my biggest supporter of all my husband Dennis, and our son Henrique, a little skater who already loves to train with us.

Luara Dennis Henrique

2021 ICP Level 1 Programs in Brazil

Recife, Brazil 20-22 August

São Paulo, Bazil 10-12 December

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