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Newly Qualified ICP Slalom Instructors

slalom Nov 08, 2010

On the weekend of 5-7  November, 2010 in Hasselt, Belgium 3 national slalom Number 1′s (USA, Belgium, France) joined the ranks of ICP Certified Slalom Instructors. Lead by ICP Examiner and former Slalom Freestyle Champion Naomi Grigg, the weekend was chock full of positive energy, expertise, and the desire to take slalom instruction to new heights.  Friday saw a three hour theory marathon as freestyle slalom was torn down into its most basic components, and the differences between teaching of slalom vs other skating techniques were addressed. Saturday was spent applying ICP Level 1 lesson and teaching methodology to slalom, and Sunday focused on how ICP Level 2 teaching skills and methodology are vital to the success of communicating tricks and sequences of such complexity, before the tests began.

Chloe Seyres, French/World Number 1 and also a writer, has been teaching both basic skating (officially) and slalom skating (unofficially) for years and now plans to use the knowledge from the weekend to create more official records of the technical theory behind slalom skating. Megan McIntosh, USA Number 1, will now be using her new certification to take over from Naomi Grigg and become SkateFreestyle’s main instructor. Tim Schraepen, Belgium Number 1, will be using his certification for his teaching and coaching within Belgium’s main slalom team, ConeCrazy, which participates in competitions around the world.
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