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Positive Energy & Talent Growing ICP in China

Jun 04, 2017

by ICP Director Kristine Fondran

The numbers do not lie. 

It was an amazing 3 days of learning for 50 Level 1 and 6 Level 2 candidates in Chongqing China 16-18 May. When I got certified Level 1 in Philadelphia, PA almost the same weekend 22 years earlier in 1995 we also had over 50 candidates.

It is humbling for me to be a part of a program with such history and success.  The quality and longevity of the program is a reflection of the initial effort of its founders back in 1991 and all those who have worked since toward the common goal of providing an educational platform of safe and effective skating instruction.

This 8th ICP program lead by the ICP China Team of Xiao Gui (China) & Brent Tay (Singapore) is part of the ICP's growing history and is a testimony to

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