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Rocky Mountains, Sunshine & Snowskates Made for a Beautiful Weekend!

Mar 09, 2017
March 9, 2017

By Lorne Milne ICP Level 3 Instructor & Candian Ski Instructors Alliance Level 3 Instructor

Statics-Boot Taps

Good snow, Clear skies, Beautiful Rocky Mountains & Snow Skating experiences galore!  Who could ask for more?

As a ICP  Snow Skate Course Conductor/Examiner I recently flew out to Calgary,  Alberta Canada for several exciting Snow Skate events.  (NOTE: If you haven't heard of Snow Skates yet, they are the newest cousins of Inline Skates, Roller Skates, & Ice Skates!)  


One of the events was the Feb. 25, 2017 Western Canada 'Sled Dogs Snowskates Bone Fight' competition (held at the nearby Nakiska Snow Resort at Kananaskis).  Thechallenging Kanaskis Snow Board Race Course was converted into a Snow Skater-Crossevent involving 30+ racers, 4 at a time snow skating as fast as possible through race gates, banked runs, rollers & steep drops to make it to finish line!  If you have watched the Red Bull Crashed Ice Skater-Cross competition on TV you will have an idea of what the exciting 'Sled Dogs Snowskate Bone Fight' looks like (but on snow instead of ice).   The first place finisher was also a 'Crashed Ice' competitor! 

BoneFight Calgary 2017

Click on the picture above to be taken to the Official Sled Dogs BoneFight Facebook page where you will see videos from the Calgary BoneFight and much, much more!

We capped off the 'Bone Fight' with our overlapping inaugural ICP Snow Skate Instructor  course (& a ICP Snow Skate Ambassador course) at the Calgary Olympic Park (formerly Paskapoo) Snow Facility.   (NOTE: Some of our participants were also Bone Fight competitors or well appreciated race volunteers.)

Congratulations to our successful participants of both the ICP Snow Skates Instructor & Snow Skate Ambassador programs!  

ICP SNOW SKATE INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM:   As this was the 'first Snow Skate Instructor course offering in the world' the participants have become part of Snow Skating History!   The Snow Skate Instructor program integrates Inline Skating Instruction methodology  merged with Snow Sport skills.   The following 4 candidates  successfully completed the on-hill & in Lodge presentation/discussion). These folks will be completing the online test of their knowledge (from the Snow Skate Instructor Manual) to formalize their graduation and their membership and registration on the ICP website.

Angie Thomas (Home Snow Resort: Calgary Olympic Park);  Roller Skate Instructor with Skate Fresh)

Olivia Brownell (Home Snow Resort: Calgary Olympic Park); Roller Skate Instructor with Skate Fresh)

Michelle Tower (Home Snow Resort: Rabbit Hill); Ski Instructor/Snow Board Instructor /BMX Instructor/ Ski Patrol/ Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers Instructor)

Jordan Davies (Home Snow Resort: Calgary Olympic Park); Inline Skater;  Sled Dogs Snow Skates Ambassador; Canadian Sled Dogs SnowSkates Representative/Sponsor;

ICP AMBASSADOR PROGRAM:   We also now have 4 new Ambassadors!.  (NOTE: The Ambassador program is a briefer overview than the instructor program to  demonstrate Snow Skating skills & is designed introducing people to the sport).  These folks are truly operating as effective & enthusiastic ambassadors for the sport:

Troy Hayes (Home Snow Resort: Rabbit Hill); Volunteer with Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers; Bone Fight Competitor

Todd Hayes (Home Snow Resort: Rabbit Hill); Volunteer with Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers; Bone Fight Competitor

Holden Kootenay (Home Snow Resort: Rabbit Hill); Bone Fight Competitor

Don Hill (Home Snow Resort: Rabbit Hill); Ski Instructor; Bone Fight Volunteer

A bIg thank you to the Ambassadors as their program overlapped with the Instructors program (& they became the practice students for the Instructors mini lessons).

SLED DOGS SNOWSKATES:  Thanks so much to Jordan Davies, Tommy Syversen & the Sled Dogs SnowSkates company for their vision, sponsorship & support to make these events happen!  

ICP PROGRAMS:  Thanks so much to ICP Director Kris Fondran for expanding the ICP Program from just asphalt, concrete & wood surfaces & adding to snow!!  Our instructors now have another opportunity to hone their skills to a new environment!  

Thanks so much to all of the participants & their wonderful involvement in a true Strengths Based, Safe , Fun, Learning Experience.  I look forward to all of us contributing to the continued growth of our new sport!

Sled Dogs Calgary Line Up

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