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Sabine Changes Her Wings in the Air for Wheels on the Ground

instructors Jul 23, 2022

Newly certified ICP Instructor Sabine shares her thoughts about the course.

"Well - I loved it! I am passionate about skating and getting things right, this is exactly what the course made me do! It was fantastic to meet other people from around the world with the same drive.

For someone who has no experience with an online platform, I had to learn as much about that as I had to learn about skating, which was an added challenge. However, with the help of my examiners, I managed and passed my exam with flying colours!

I enjoyed the way we learned to build a lesson. That was great! It helps me build every lesson. I’m sure this will come in very handy for all my lessons in the future and is hugely appreciated!"

What are my next steps?

I am in the process of joining Asha Kirkby’s team ‘Skatefresh’ and am looking forward to working forward to the Level 2.

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