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The "Magic" Comes Alive in ICP Level 2 Candidates

Oct 07, 2019

By Examiner Natalia Santamaria (Spain)

Level 2 is always special, and there are many reasons for it.
Among them there is one that I love the most--the chance to see ICP Level 1 instructors after some time teaching and I see the ICP “magic” come alive!
Observing the evolution of an instructor over time is such a wonderful process. It makes me so proud of being part of this skating family.
There are many stories of how the ICP changes the lives of those in which it touches and as an examiner, I have the privilege of witnessing these instances during programs or hearing first hand from instructors about the progress they are making in their own city or country. 
In my experience, some instructors are very happy to find ways to incorporate what they learned into a part time income source. However, more and more instructors around the world are swapping out from their regular job to their "dream job" teaching skating and becoming financially independent by creating their own schools. 
All of the ICP instructors are spreading the passion we all feel for inline skating in their communities around the world.
Level 2 Theory Burgos
The Level 2 20-22 September in Burgos, Spain was no exception.
Altough my inline skating skills were a bit rusty as I just returned back to Spain after spending the  two previous months on snowskates in Argentina and Chille, it was joy and wonderful experience to be leading this program.
Candidates came from 3 countries: Moenchenglabach,Germany, Kiev, Ukraine and from Segovia, Arévalo, Palencia and Burgos, Spain. All of them are active instructors teaching in their own skate school. All of them came looking for something more to add to their teaching repetoire. Something new to bring back to their skate school.
That is what Level 2 is about. That something more. The challenge of more advanced skating skills. How to find ways to include them in their own skate school syllabus.  New class handing ideas when their are multiple skill levels in the same class. The problem solving. Lots of problem solving! And above all, sharing knowledge and making connections.  
It was a really challenging weekend for everyone already and the rain didn't help as it gave us a lovely surprise on Sunday morning!
With our written exam completed and corrected, we headed for the indoor facility for the rest of the exams to find it completely flooded with water! Other than my nearly new Rollerblade twister Edge Pro, which were completely soaked, the rest were fine.. but we didn’t have a place to skate. However after a couple of phone calls, the help of CLUB BFH Burgos and the Ayuntamiento de Villariezo, we could go ahead with the day in the amazing indoor facility in Villariezo.
L2 Skills Session Burgos
All of the candidates passed their practical teaching exams. This is truly the most important part of Level 2 as it shows how the ICP model has been synthesised by the instructors and applied to more complex skills.
There are a lot more "moving parts"  in the Level 2 skill set. A lot more to adjust and correct. The candidates showed that they were up to the task. However, Level 2 skating skills can be quite challenging to perform so a few will be retesting them in the next few months.  
At the end of the weekend I was exhausted, happy and very proud of all the candidates who gave their best throughout the weekend. 
I’m am looking forward to doing my part to help more instructors increase their skill level and confidence as instructors and to hearing about more instructors starting their own schools around the world and spreading their passion for this sport!
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