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The UK Ushers in 8 More Level 1 Instructors

Oct 01, 2014

By Asha Kirkby  ICP Examiner

ICP Level 1 – London 9th-11th Sept 2011
The autumn ICP Level 1 course held in London in September was as usual a
fun, long and productive weekend of learning and skating. I love the
diversity of skaters that this certification course attracts and how we all
learn about the skate scenes of different places and countries from hearing
about them first hand.

Examiner Mark Davies and I  had skaters from London (of course, this is always normal), but this
course also attracted an Italian (with the best English I’ve heard in a long
time, complete with ‘wot?’, an Irish Roller Derby skater working in a new
rink, Skaters from Nottingham and Northampton, a Cambridge university
student, a slalomer, etc.  I enjoy watching how their various past
experiences on skates inform their current ability levels and how they
respond to the tuition, guided learning and discovery of the ICP Level 1.

The course felt like a success in that 8 of the 10 participants passed and are now instructors and everyone expressed positive feedback about the course.  Despite me being pretty ill throughout the course I know I managed to deliver what the candidates needed and hoped to infect them with my enthusiasm for teaching. Many of them are already teaching and I look forward to certifying them at a higher level and watching the skate scenes in their areas grow accordingly.

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