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Working with Children: Games & Best Practices

virtual workshops Mar 02, 2024

On Sunday, February 25th the ICP held its first workshop of the new year - Working with Children: Games & Best Practices. Highlights of the two hour presentation can be found below thanks to Zoom and it's new AI meeting summary feature! 

Teaching Model and Learning Approaches

ICP Director Kris Fondran led a discussion on the teaching model, communication aspects, skill sequencing, and the use of props and games in teaching. She emphasized the importance of setting clear goals and making learning exciting for children, and the need to tailor lessons to various learning levels. Participants discussed challenges they had encountered in teaching children certain skills. ICP Examiner Mike Tang (Singapore) proposed a new method for teaching children, focusing on a more kinesthetic and visual learning approach, and creating interactive environments. ICP Examiner Mauraid Kavanagh (Poland) suggested breaking up the teaching sessions into 15-minute sets based on the theory of optimal concentration. The conversation also touched upon the different stages of cognitive development that children go through and how this affects their communication skills and physical development.

Props and Games in Physical Education

Kris, Mike, and Mauraid discussed the use of props and games in their activities. They shared experiences of using props like balls, bean bags, towels, and balloons, and how they can be used to enhance engagement and participation. The conversation also highlighted the challenges instructors face in using props and the importance of practicing specific skills before playing games. The group discussed the decreasing emphasis on physical education in schools and the potential of games like skating games to promote physical abilities. They also discussed the importance of understanding a student's developmental stage, the need for individual practice, and the potential of simplifying and modifying games to enhance appeal and safety.

Motivating Students in Skating Lessons

Mike and Kris discussed strategies to motivate students in their skating lessons. They focused on changing students' mindset towards practice, using an Olympic-style competition as a motivational tool. Kris emphasized the importance of lesson planning, effective communication, and breaking down skills into smaller parts. She also stressed the need for over-planning to prevent boredom and ensure engagement. Mike proposed creating an Olympic-style skating program that could be sold. They also discussed teaching methods, such as starting with simple exercises and gradually increasing difficulty, and the importance of considering each student's skill level and progression. The team agreed on the need for creative solutions to accommodate students' abilities.

The session wrapped up with a question and answered period with encouragement from participants for the ICP to publish an official badge curriculum for instructors to use when teaching children in their skate schools. 

The next workshop of 2024 will be "Problem Solving: Backwards Skating & Transitions" and held on Sunday, March 10th. 


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